Louise Pennington is a feminist writer and activist who works as the development officer for the campaign and training organisation Ending Victimisation and Blame, which won the 2014 Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize for work in the field of violence against women and girls. She blogs at My Elegant Gathering of White Snows and the Huffington Post (UK) and has published articles in JumpMag, Feminist Times, New Internationalist and Feminist & Women’s Studies Association (UK) on male violence, cultural femicide, celebrity culture, radical feminism and women’s history. Her article “The Best Rape Prevention: Tell Men to Stop Raping” was short-listed for the prestigious Writing to End Violence Against Women award for 2014. Louise has contributed chapters to two books on women’s gendered experiences of the Holocaust and has also given numerous papers at academic conferences on women and the Holocaust, online misogyny and radical feminism.

She has recently founded A Room of Our Own: A Feminist Network which aims to combat cultural femicide by archiving and sharing the work of women who self-define as feminists and womanists. A Room of Our Own collects blogs, Tumblr, YouTube channels art, music, photography and any other medium in which women express themselves. 

Academic Qualifications:

MSc in History with honour:

Thesis: Representations of Sexual Violence in Women’s Holocaust Witness Testimonies, University of Edinburgh, 2010

Master of Arts: Twentieth Century European History with honours

Thesis: Gendered Holocaust Witness Narratives, University of Alberta, 2003

BA/Bed with honours

University of Lethbridge,  Canada (Major: Social Studies and Education), 2001


(Re)-Interpreting Stories of Sexual Violence: The Multiple Testimonies of Lucille Eichengreen in Esther Hertzog’s Life, Death and Sacrifice: Women and Family in the Holocaust (2008)

Schillinger and the Dancer: Representing Agency and Sexual Violence in Holocaust Testimonies in Sonja M. Hedgepeth & Rochelle Saidel’s Sexual Violence Against Jewish Women During the Holocaust (2010)

Conference Papers:

(Re)Creating and (Re)Defining Sisterhood Online: The Mumsnet Phenomenon at FWSA (UK & Northern Ireland) conference Rethinking Sisterhood: The Affective Politics of Women’s Relationships

The Incompatibility of Radical Feminism and Capitalism at New Turns: Feminism in the 21st Century (February 2014)

Women’s Aid Conference on Cyber Stalking and Harassment as part of End Online Misogyny Campaign (September 2013)

‘Gendering Memory: Perceptions of Sexual Assault in Holocaust Witness Narratives’, Feminist & Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Aberdeen, (September 2005)

‘Representations of Sexual Violence in Women’s Holocaust Testimonies’, Women and the Holocaust: An Interdisciplinary Conference, Ghetto Fighters Museum & Beit Terezin, (September 2005)

‘Gendering Memory and Sexual Violence: The Multiple Testimonies of Lucille Eichengreen’, The Legacy of the Holocaust: Women and the Holocaust, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, (May 2005)



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