16 Days of Action on Violence Against Women: A Bloghop

For the past few weeks, people have been saying that Feminism is Dead. Personally, I think that position requires rather a tremendous amount of cognitive dissonance and running about with fingers in ones ears singing. It is so patently untrue that even responding feels silly. There is so much brilliant feminist activism in the UK right now: with grassroots organisations and political lobbying groups get real media attention.

Just as importantly, Feminists have been reclaiming the internet through social media and blogging. Everyday I find myself in awe and inspired by the most amazing, incredible and brilliant women; their writing, their art and their souls. It is a sisterhood (re)awakening. As part of the 16 Days of Action on Violence Against Women, I want to share these voices that have inspired me. I am starting a bloghop where a new blogger will link a piece each day. Some of these will be new. Some of these are older pieces which require rereading. They are personal, political, academic, but, most of all, women’s voices. Some will be heart-breaking. Some will just inspire. Others are designed to provoke.

I want to hear new voices too. Please link your blogs. Link as many different pieces as you would like. We need to hear one another. That way, the next time someone posts a silly article about Feminism being Dead, we can just ignore it. And, continue celebrating with our sisters.

This is a Blog Hop!

1. What is funfeminism? And how

2. Name The Problem

3. Ann Summers misogyny tour

4. The Countess of Strathearn

5. Femfresh

6. The lies I had to tell myself

7. Misogyny – A Taboo Word?

8. Hiding Under The Bed

9. Violence at Christmas

10. Avoid The Knife – FGM in Kenya

11. Right, listen up everybody

12. The truth about body hair.

13. 16 Days – Disability

14. There in the Shadows FGM in UK

15. Put Yourslef in their Shoes

16. Violence & mental healthcare

17. Govt commits new money on VAWG

18. Red Flags

19. Supporting Women Is Vital

20. The Myth Of Female Brutality

21. Jeremy Kyle: Excusing Abuse

22. Disney And Its 3D Misogyny

23. Parable of the justice evader

24. Rape: our dirty little secret

25. The rapists safe space

26. Victim Blaming Celeb Style

27. On prostitution

28. Reporting

29. WTF is TYFA? A new generation.

30. Eat Factory-Farmed Chicken

31. Feminism & Women-Only Spaces

32. Femen Redux

33. Reclaiming the Internet

10 thoughts on “16 Days of Action on Violence Against Women: A Bloghop”

  1. What a fantastic way to get women’s voices heard and to mark 16 days of Action on Violence Against Women. Not only am I looking forward to participating with my post on 4 December, but I’m also very much looking forward to hearing the voices of other women who have either experienced violence or who are passionate in raising awareness about it. Thank you for hosting, SGM.

    1. Thank you so much for agreeing to participate. So many incredible women are joining in over the next 16 days. This idea that feminism is dead is just ridiculous.

    1. Hello, I need to approve the ads before they link up. I did it to keep the MRAs out. They should be up soon as I’ve approved them. Thank you for sharing your blog:)

  2. Trans insisting they are much more at risk than REAL women. The blog is Historiann, run by a PhD History professor, of all people.

    river on 29 Nov 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    It makes me really angry that women go hungry and homeless and are pimped out for their SEX while money is given for grants and salaries for bullshit like this. Oh pardon me for speaking frankly and plainly.

    Historiann on 29 Nov 2012 at 7:58 pm #


    JonBooth on 30 Nov 2012 at 8:14 am #

    and so are trans* people, in much higher proportions. But your faux social justice stance fails to mention them, though that would seem to be more relevant.


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