Femen: The “I told you so” Edition

So, it turns out there is a man controlling Femen. I have yet to find a single feminist who didn’t see this coming. I mean, seriously, young white women who pass the patriarchal fuckability test with their breasts on display? Does this not shriek Hugh Hefner? The deliberately putting young women in danger of sexual violence by police and security forces is the kind of action that misogynists think is hilarious. The co-opting of the struggles of women and speaking over them has never been a feminist act.

Femen have always been about the right of men to wank whilst pretending to be feminists rather than helping women vulnerable to male violence and sexual exploitation. I could rant for hours on this subject but instead I’m sharing some of my favourite blogs and media articles on Femen: 

PETA officially cross the line into child sexual exploitation

This is their new advertising campaign featuring 16 year old Samia Najimy Finnerty. I genuinely have no words to express my disgust and hatred for PETA anymore. Every time I think they’ve achieved the pinnacle of misogynistic hypocrisy, they come back swinging.  Now, they’ve actually made the move from using the sexualisedobjectified and frequently violated images of young women and crossed into making sexualised images of children, who are simply too young to consent to have their images posted with the slogan “vegans go all the way” across their body. 

This isn’t clever advertising and it’s not designed to promote animal welfare. All PETA care about is getting middle aged, rich white male celebrities to donate money to them and there is nothing more that particular cohort of men like more than being allowed to want to the images of young women, barely more than teenagers. Now, PETA have just gone one step further and actually used the body of a teenage girl.

PETA aren’t an animal rights organisation. They are pornographers.

This is simply abusive behaviour.

Yesterday, I watched a number of people attack a woman they hate by using her child.

I have one line in the sand for my support of women: You do NOT ever use a child to attack the mother. I can forgive much as we all lash out in stupid and dangerous ways when angry or hurt. The adult response is to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions. It is not to lie about what we have done nor is it acceptable to blame other women for our mistakes.

But, most importantly, you NEVER EVER get to use a child to try to score cheap points against their mother. I don’t give a shit what the parent has done or said, their children are never to blame. You do not get to call yourself a feminist if you think it’s acceptable to use a child to attack a parent. Every single person who participated in the attack on a radical feminist using her child needs to publicly apologise. Now.

I genuinely don’t give a shit if you think radical feminists are all hateful bigots or whatever stupid lies you’ve been repeating without every bothering to interact with a radical feminist, NO ONE gets to use a child to try to score cheap political points.

That is abusive, bullying male behaviour. Every single one of you who used a child to attack their parent is a disgrace to humanity, never mind feminism.

#DickheadDetox : Freddie Starr

Freddie Starr is another one of these dreadful white men that I had never heard of until Operation Yewtree was created in the wake of the allegations of the serial child sexual abuse and rape by Jimmy Savile. So many white men were given access to vulnerable children and allowed to abuse them despite everyone around knowing that the abuse was happening.

Freddie Starr, who is currently on bail for allegations of child sexual abuse, has decided to sue one of the complainants for libel. Apparently, the criminal courts aren’t good enough for rich white men. Nope, they get to sue those who file criminal complaints against them as well. Considering the dreadful state of libel laws in this country and the relative wealth imbalance between Starr and the complainant, all Starr has succeeding in doing is making it more difficult for survivors of child sexual abuse to come forward. 

So, fuck you Freddie Starr for once again proving that the criminal justice system doesn’t give a shit about victims of sexual violence.