Academic Qualifications & Training

Academic Qualifications

MSc in History with honour:

Thesis: Representations of Sexual Violence in Women’s Holocaust Witness Testimonies, University of Edinburgh, 2010

MA: Twentieth Century European History with honours

Thesis: Gendered Holocaust Witness Narratives, University of Alberta, 2003

BA/Bed with honours

University of Lethbridge,  Canada (Major: Social Studies and Education), 2001



Queen Margaret University with Scottish Women’s Aid

Gender, Justice, and Violence: Feminist Approaches



Dealing with Conflict, Anger and Aggression

From the global to the local: Human Trafficking in Scotland

Scottish Women’s Aid

Women, Domestic Abuse, and Substance Abuse

Domestic Abuse & Risk Assessment

Understanding the Dynamics of Stalking

Future Learn

Childhood in the Digital Aid

Caring for Vulnerable Children


National Union of Journalists

The Effective Freelance

Journalism and the Law

Scottish Women’s Aid

Working with Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse

Understanding Dynamics of Domestic Abuse

Why Doesn’t She Leave?

Working with trauma

Revenge Porn: Policy and Practice Issues

Sexual Violence in Relationships: Break the Silence

Domestic Abuse and Women Subject to Immigration Control: Where Human Rights do not Reach

Shakti Women’s Aid: 

Domestic Abuse and BME Women, Children and Young People

Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre (formerly Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre)

Rape and Sexual Assault

Working with adult survivors of child sexual violence