Conference Papers:

Representations of  victim blaming in the Media at Safe Newcastle AGM 5.2.15

(Re)Creating and (Re)Defining Sisterhood Online: The Mumsnet Phenomenon at FWSA (UK & Northern Ireland) conference Rethinking Sisterhood: The Affective Politics of Women’s Relationships (September 2014)

The Incompatibility of Radical Feminism and Capitalism at New Turns: Feminism in the 21st Century (February 2014)

Women’s Aid Conference on Cyber Stalking and Harassment as part of End Online Misogyny Campaign (September 2013)

‘Gendering Memory: Perceptions of Sexual Assault in Holocaust Witness Narratives’, Feminist & Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Aberdeen, (September 2005)

‘Representations of Sexual Violence in Women’s Holocaust Testimonies’, Women and the Holocaust: An Interdisciplinary Conference, Ghetto Fighters Museum & Beit Terezin, (September 2005)

‘Gendering Memory and Sexual Violence: The Multiple Testimonies of Lucille Eichengreen’, The Legacy of the Holocaust: Women and the Holocaust, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, (May 2005)