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Feminist & Women’s Studies Association (UK & Ireland)

The Myth of the Anti-Sex Feminist: A Response to Jerry Barnett (December 2013)

The Myth of the “Sin of Simplification”: Why Victoria Coren is wrong about Roman Polanski (October 2013)

Language Matters: We need to be clear when discussing Child Rape (October 2013)

Neil Wilson, Stacey Rambold and Naming the Problem (September 2013)

Online Abuse: Fathers4Justice, Mumsnet and Online Misogyny (July 2013)

Feminist Times

Feminism cannot compromise on the liberation of women (April 2014)

Men, Know Your Place (March 20 2014)

I was sexually harassed more when pregnant or with small children. (February 2014)

Huffington Post Archive

Her Name was Reeva Steenkamp 

The Real Cause of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Vaginas are not objects: On Nick Ross and Rape Culture

Teenage Pregnancy, Patriarchal Hypocrisy and Immaculate Conception

The Best Rape Prevention: Tell Men to Stop Raping:

(short-listed for the Writing to End Violence against Women Awards. 2014) 

Rape is always an act of violence (October 2014)

When is Rape not rape? (November 2013)

Jimmy Savile did not “groom the nation” (January 2013)

Huffington Post (as Everyday Victim Blaming)

Jeremy Corbyn and the Paradox of Women-Only Carriages (27.8.15)

Can You Name the Victims of Jack the Ripper? (6.8.15)

The Sun’s Campaign to Save Refuges (19.5.15)


Historical Fiction for Girls

You Too Can be a Model or a Pop Star: Living the Barbie Dream

New Internationalist

Can porn be ethical? (March 2014)

New Statesman

In Defence of Megan Fox: Hiring a Night Nurse Does Not Make Her a Neglectful Mother

Our Feminist Playschool

Feminist Parenting of Daughters


I’m Not A Bad Mom Because My Kid Got Lice (March 2015)

Women’s Views on the News:

Is Bjarne Melgaard’s chair racist? (January 2014)

The 13 year old “sexual predator” (August 2013)

The Glorification of Family Annihilators (December 2012)

On PETA: Animal Rights and Rape Culture (November 2012)