Amazon’s Halloween with Side Order of Disablism

Mens Adult Psycho Ward Mental Patient Halloween Fancy Dress Costume Outfit + Mask
Amazon has joined Asda in the annual competition for : The Most Offensive Halloween Costume.

There is no excuse for selling these types of costumes. Asda’s apology and donation to a mental health charity is more than Amazon will ever do but it’s also too late once these products have hit the market. 

People with mental health problems are statistically more likely to be a victim of violence than commit violence.

The group who commit the most violence: men. Men who have no history of mental health problems.

If the idea of “killers” is such a great Halloween costume, then we should all go out wearing masks of random men. That would be far more accurate. Instead, people genuinely think it’s hilariously funny to dress up as a “psycho” or a “mental patient”.

Honestly, if you think this shit is funny, you’re an asshole. It really is that simple.

One thought on “Amazon’s Halloween with Side Order of Disablism”

  1. I think this is a powerful myth which definitely needs dispelling. Patients discharged from psychiatric facilities who do not abuse alcohol or illegal drugs have a rate of violence no different than that of their neighbors in the community,

    Also, for those patients who do commit violence upon release, an overwhelming amount of it is inflicted upon family and friends, not strangers. It’s the general public which is more likely to target a stranger.

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