Apparently, Bar Rafaeli is JUST Leonardo DiCaprio’s Ex-Girlfriend

At least, according to the Independent, Bar Rafaeli’s is only important insofar as she used to have sex with Leonardo DiCaprio. The fact that she is a multi-millionaire, world-famous model is completely irrelevant. Rafaeli’s only value is that she used to have sex with Leonardo DiCaprio. 

The actual point of the article is that the Israeli foreign ministry would like to use Rafaeli in a new PR campaign to promote Israel internationally. The Israeli Defence Force are unhappy with the choice of Rafaeli because of her failure to complete the, usually mandatory, national service. Rafaeli was excused from this service because of her status as a model. Now, regardless of what one thinks of mandatory national service in the military, modelling, Israel, or the exclusion of celebrities from the basic tenets of citizenship required of others, one really has to wonder as to why Rafaeli’s sex life is somehow relevant to these questions. Rafaeli’s personal beliefs on mandatory service, which, thankfully, the Independent does mention, are relevant considering Rafaeli is not a fan but the exact identity of who she used to have sex with is hardly newsworthy.

Is it too much to ask that the Independent not identify women according to their sexual relationships with men? 

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