Feminism’s dilemma: When fictionalised violence trumps in real life abuse by  Chimene Suleyman

Eloise Parry was not stupid via @Glosswitch

Patriarchy, male entitlement, & capitalist greed killed Amy Winehouse, not boozing by Meghan Murphy

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How Scottish Justice Discriminates against Women by Cath Ross

How we’re failing Sandra Bland: Mainstream feminists need to do more to fight for women of color by Eesha Pandit

White people have a race — but everyone flips out when we talk about it by Jenee Desmond-Harris

Thanks for Nothing: Black Women Don’t Owe White Feminism a Damn Thing by Kesiana Boom via @ForHarriet

Nicki Minaj: ‘We Can’t Have Only 1 Type of Body Being Glorified in the Media’  BY: 

Raising free-spirited black children in a world set on punishing them by Stacia L Brow

Why we need a ministry of gender by @EstellaMz


Revenge porn: The legacy of women as property in rape law by Susan Cox

Thoughts on “Intercourse” at Not who they say I am

Vote chasing and selling out……. via @CathElliott

Feminist witch hunts: when witches hunt each other at Shack Diaries

Why we need a women’s revolution in Somalia by Yasmin Maydhane via @WritersofColour

The Scandal of the Doctors Who Upload Selfies Taken Next to Women’s Vaginas During Childbirth by Rebecca Schiller

Amnesty International … the sex trade’s new best friend  by Simone Watson

Like the #BBHMMVideo or don’t; violence against women is not debatable by Raquel Rosario Sanchez

Note to David Cameron: You don’t get to do feminism via @Glosswitch

Why the cynical focus on ‘Honour crimes’ won’t combat gender violence in the UK by Amrit Wilson at @WritersofColour

So what if your porn is feminist? by Laura McNally

An awkward article about racism via @WomanAsSubject



stop pigeonholing African writers by Taiye Selasi

Mitchell Wells: serial abuser of women on social media via @stopmitchell

The Kim Kardashian sex-tape flag at Glastonbury was a particularly nasty attack by Laura Bates

A Public Life of Intimate Violence by Karen Williams

They used to call it rape via @Glosswitch

Open letter to Alison Saunders of the CPS on VAWG: Gender is all too relevant in violence statistics

On McKinney, Cosby, and Misogynoir via @thewayoftheid

@womentogether: a co-op for women  via @extreme_crochet

Rot in hell, Tory bastards via @FurcoatNaeNicks

Rahila Gupta & Beatrix Campbell are crowdfunding a feminist investigative journalism project entitled: Why doesn’t patriarchy die?



“Am I masculine enough?” isn’t a question we should be asking via @LucyAllenFWR

Neo-liberalism, Masculinity and Femininity by Heather Brunskill-Evans

Dictionaries, dick-tionaries and dyketionaries via @wordspinster

Lost without translation by @wordspinster

Solidarity with Connie St. Louis via @misogyny_online

#AskELJames Excusing Male Violence via @EVB_Now

“And things got a bit violent” via Rosie Redstockings

Playboy Feminism™: how the gentleman’s porn rag co-opted the women’s movement by Meghan Murphy

Sex-differences and ‘domestic violence murders’ by 

5 UK women killed with their daughters so far this year – I am sick of hearing about isolated incidents via @K_IngalaSmith

Job Centre bans man for making complaint, admits they sanction claimants even if they apply for enough via @Slutocrat

The Political is Personal by Sara Salem

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Wolfmother via @CatEleven

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A True Legend Is Leaving “Sesame Street” — And These 5 Moments Show Why We’re Heartbroken by @JamilahKing

When is a terrorist not a terrorist? When he’s a white man with a gun by Helen Lewis

Playboy Feminism TM isn’t feminism, it’s the same old misogyny by sian and crooked rib

Rihanna’s success is inspiring – but her new video is violently misogynist by June Eric Udorie

Intersectionality and Indigenous Feminism: An Aboriginal Woman’s Perspective by Celeste Liddle

Brutalising Black and Brown People: the UK’s hostile environment by @graciemaybe

How much are you worth? by Maya Goodfellow

I will not tell girls not to walk alone. I will not tell them to be careful by Rosanna Cooney


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