Essential Writing by Women 26.4

Wifework  at Feminism: Finally all about the men

“Well you look fine now” – disability and eating disorders via @MurderOfGoths

What Katie Hopkins wrote was monstrous. But save your anger for the politicians who decided to let migrants drown by Sarah Ditum

Crail May 2014  via @Carregonnen

Girl and Woman @Carregonnen  via @RoomOfOurOwn

Why  ‘Pornography is [ NOT ] good for you’ Peter Tatchell  via @hoursofChaos

Intersectional Food Politics & The Failure of SNAP Challenges via @Pundit_AcadEMIC

Letting migrants drown in the Mediterranean, is this what the Tories mean by ‘British values’?  by Maya Goodfellow

The Aid Industry: “Can we really get by on doing good with good intentions only?”  by  Palwesha Yusaf

The Mysterious Case of the Feminist Non-Revolution by Finn Mackay

Making families work via @headinbook

The Memory Box at Blues in a Tea Cup

On #YesAllWomen, and the Discomfort of ‘Good Men’ by @CratesNRibbons

The long and the short of it  via @headinbook

Political and Born This Way Lesbians – Why The Battle? via @BigBooButch

Men who want to lead the fight for women’s rights  by Ruby Hamad

Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival to End after 40 Years by Victoria Brownworth

Some thoughts on MichFest  at Pathetic Fallacies

From Boyle to May, Immigration, as it turns out, has done rather well on providing jobs  by Chimene Suleyman

Essential Writing by Women 12.4.15

 How group therapy taught me to survive oppression by @Huma101

Sports Direct at My Tights Won’t Stay Up

Let Children Be Children – Without Jamming Them Into Gender Roles  by Samantha Rea

My Mother & I: A Love Story by Petals fall from my afro like autumn

Fuck Empowerment  at All Women Show

Caring for someone when I don’t care about myself by @AtHomeActivist

Shoot a terf today by @giagia

There Are No Abortion Cakes by Katha Pollitt

To my daughter, as your 13th birthday approaches  by @Firewomon

Plastic Woman, Cardboard Man, or, Can you have a feminism which doesn’t expect men to change?  via @glosswitch

How straight thou art at Remember when feminism used to be about women

Essential Writing by Women 6.4

Prostitution: A Word That UN Women Does Not Want to Hear by Barbara Crossette

Socialist Resistance and Sisterhood via @K_IngalaSmith

Owen Jones: It’s ‘political flaws’ that matter, not women’s lives at Feminist Current

‘People have to know who you are’ – Between East and West by Wei Ming Kam

Dropping the plus and values attached to our bodies via @MurderOfGoths

Why rape suspects should not remain anonymous by Sarah Ditum

There’s nothing ‘safe’ about silencing dissent by Meghan Murphy

On sex, gender and Socialist Resistance via @glosswitch

Black, British & Muslim; We’re not just a “Complication” by Momtaza Mehri

When Fantasy Becomes Fatal: Should Actors Have Social Responsibility? by @rupandemehta

The danger of taxis and the safety of homes at The Personal is Political After all

#TheHomelessPeriod: Campaign for homeless women to have free tampons by  Radhika Sanghani

Women must not be considered ‘at risk’. Here’s why. by Polly Neate

Another Isolated Incident via @K_IngalaSmith

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