#DickheadDetox: Aaron Carter’s #tipsforgirls

Aaron Carter, the Dude internationally reknown as the little brother of some other dude from some boyband from way back when, has taken to twitter to reveal his dating #tipsforgirls.

Bless his cotton socks, these are the pearls of wisdom from The Younger Brother of What’s His Pickle:

Aaron Carter ‏@AARONCARTER16h Confident woman are sexy to any man. Don’t pretend to be someone your not just to please a man. #TipsForGirls 

Aaron Carter ‏@AARONCARTER17h Be Approachable- men don’t like rejection- a woman with an attitude to her look will scare a man away. #tipsforgirls 

Aaron Carter ‏@AARONCARTER17h A woman’s appearance is a weapon to attracting a man- always look your best ( neatness, clothes,hair ,makeup,scent,etc… #tipsforgirls

I can not think Aaron enough for bringing these pearls to our attention, sometimes I actually forget that we live in a culture where women’s value is based entirely on their ability to pass the Patriarchal Fuckability Test. I forget that women’s intelligence and love is completely irrelevant unless they are white, blonde,  and thin. I forget that women have to ensure that their behaviour and appearance are pleasing at all times. God forbid, we hurt men’s feelings but not actually wanting to fuck them. 

We must always be approachable; even when we don’t want to be approached because men’s feelings are more important than women’s safety and bodily autonomy.

Some genius has suggested that Aaron write a book about his #tipsforgirls. No one try to dissuade him from this policy; just imagine the hilarity it would cause on twitter.

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