#DickheadDetox : Bill Roache: Just Another Creepy Old White Dude

Another day. Another old white dude blaming children for being sexually abused by predators.

This time it is soap actor Bill Roache who bores everyone senseless on Coronation Street. But, Roache went one step further than the usual victim-blaming bullshit. According to Roache, we should be totally forgiving of people who commit “sex crimes” because “victims of paedophiles bring abuse upon themselves because of what they have done in previous lives.” Also, “groupies” are predators taking advantage of those poor ickle pop stars on the fringes of society.

And, yes, you read that right.

Considering his cast mate Micheal Le Vell has just been arrested for child rape, I think Corrie has a bit of a problem on its hands; a problem it needs to start addressing properly.

Bill Roache is a nasty, vicious, victim-blaming, rape apologising dickhead. 

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