Facebook Blocks Another Feminist Campaigner

As was inevitable, Facebook has just blocked another feminist campaigner for posting “abusive images”; that would be the poster linked above. The administrator of the Australian Destroy the Joint FB page was blocked yesterday for sharing the poster.

Now, I’m not very surprised by this. We all know Facebook is deeply misogynistic. The campaign by Laura Bates of the Everyday Sexism Project, Women Media Action and Soraya Chemaly to make Facebook take responsibility for the misogyny and violence against women perpetuated on their site was a victory. Making Facebook acknowledge their violence against women was only the first step.  It was an incredible first step which accomplished something I never thought would be possible.

However, acknowledging getting Facebook to acknowledge their misogyny and violence against women isn’t enough. We need to keep supporting the amazing women who fronted the campaign by continuing to report offensive pages.

It is far too easy to assume that victory will change things immediately but that’s the lazy way out. 

We need to ensure that Facebook follows through with their promise to end misogyny.

We need to keep holding them accountable. 

Far too often, we believe the promises made and do not enforce accountability.

We need to hold Facebook accountable today and forever.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Blocks Another Feminist Campaigner”

  1. I agree.

    If there is anything to learn from the fact that we are STILL talking about basic human rights for women internationally, 40 years after feminism started, it’s that once the promise of equality is made, it is up to us to keep the powers that be accountable.

    They are not going to be vigilant about implementing rights for others. It is our job to ensure complete compliance with full equality.

  2. I think feminism started centuries ago. When women authors published a book under a pseudonym that was ostensibly male, the public and most importantly the critics (male) loved it. When they found out it was a woman the sea change of opinion was openly hostile.

    Women’s literature, their words in a language that could be understood, has always been denigrated. It’s more or less, the same today. Equality only works if all is compliant. Men aren’t doing this. Yet. There’s some hope though, but I do feel that after several centuries, we still have a long way to go.


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