Feminists are actually human shocker

You’d think this was only directed a the arsewipes at a Voice for Men and the rape apologists hanging out at the ironically named Good Men Project but it seems a number of actual self-defining feminists are struggling with this too. 

So, here’s the point:

Feminists make mistakes too. We are human and we make mistakes. 

Holding the entire feminist movement accountable for a mistake one feminist made ten years ago is deeply stupid.

Holding all [insert feminist category of choice here] responsible for a mistake one person made six months ago is stupid. 

Trashing one feminist for making a mistake once is stupid. 

Feminism is a movement and one in which we are all learning. 

We will make mistakes. We will change our minds. We will be as imperfect as every other human on the planet. 

If all you do is whine about what other women are doing and saying, then you really need to reassess your feminist principles.

We need to call each other out on racism, homophobia, lesbophobia, disblism, classism etc. One mistake should be forgiven as part of a learning process. 

A pattern of abusive behaviour should not be forgiven. 

So, for all the so-called feminists out there whining about activism of The Women’s Room UK and Caroline Criado Perez, stop being so freaking self-centred and try supporting your sisters instead of wasting all your time trashing them.

And, the trashing goes for middle class white journalism too. We should all have access to education and decent employment. Let’s campaign for that instead of whining about some women being more privileged than others.

The endgoal of feminism is to liberate all women, not reduce us to the lowest common denominator. Frankly, that’s just offensive.

2 thoughts on “Feminists are actually human shocker”

  1. As someone who was literally terrorized by threats received by transactivists and liberal feminists at the recent #RadFemRiseup conference I don’t hold out much hope that your message here will even register.

    Hate against radical feminists is deemed legitimate. I see very little evidence to the contrary.

    What you are pointing out is merely criticism that some people have of the action some feminists choose to put their energy towards. That’s quite different from hate that radical feminists receive regularly.

    Having said all of this, I appreciate your words and hope that all of us choose to support when appropriate and criticize more appropriately. Hate kills.

    1. This post was specifically about the whining and criticising without doing anything. Threats and abuse are entirely different issue and should be prosecuted as a hate crime. I know there is some concern about adding women as a category to the hate crime statutes but I’m at a loss as what to do next because it is constant.

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