Halloween at Asda: With a Side-Order of Disablism

Everyone will be running away from you in fear in this mental patient fancy dress costume. Comprising of a torn blood stained shirt, blood stained plastic meat cleaver and gory facemask it’s a terrifying Halloween option.

Because we can’t possibly have Halloween without disablism. After all, everyone knows that “mental patients” are totally responsible for committing the majority of violence. Well, everyone who is completely stupid. 

The rest of us, in possession of with some basic critical thinking skills, know that people with mental health problems are one of the highest risk groups for being victims of violence.

This costume just increases the stigma surrounding mental illness. It also obfuscates who the real perpetrators of violence are. The vast majority of violence perpetrated across the world is by men: men with no history of mental illness.

Asda should be ashamed of itself.

They need to remove this product immediately and apologise.

A large donation to a charity wouldn’t go amiss either. 

This is Asda’s contact form. I will be sending them a complaint.

UPDATE: So, Asda has now apologised. Problem is this all too common now. Customers shouldn’t have to be pointing out how offensive this type of product or [or rape t-shirts or a million other horrible products available now]. Corporations need to start taking some responsibility before it gets to this stage and just stop making this kind of shit.

I mean, it’s not that hard to make a Halloween costume which isn’t offensive to anyone. Millions of kids manage it each year. How come adults are incapable of doing so?

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