Is Bjarne Melgaard ‘s chair racist?


And, if you can’t see this, you need to learn some fucking history.

Because there is genuinely no other possible answer to this question. The image is racist and sexist. He can babble on about whatever it is he think’s he criticising but, fundamentally, this image is racist and misogynist. The original art piece Bjarne Melgaard claimed to be whatever-the-fuck-artists-think-they-are-doing-when-they-are-mostly-being-assholes is based on a piece by Allen Jones. Which was also deeply misogynistic.

Make no mistake neither piece is anything but the same old objectification of women that is replicated time and time again. It isn’t new. It isn’t exciting. It’s just the same old drivel by pretentious white dudes pretending they aren’t dickheads.

Melgaard’s just gone and added racism to the charge of misogyny with this image.

And, for fuck’s sake, Dasha Zhukova is a successful woman in her own right; not the possession of a man just because he’s a billionaire. If you’re going to write criticisms about the misogyny and racism of Melgaard’s work, start with not referring to Zhukova as a possession. After all, these types of racist and misogynist drivel wouldn’t pass as “art” if men stopped thinking about women as possessions.

I could rant for hours about this but there is only one answer to the question: Is Bjarne Melgaard ‘s chair racist? If you can’t see it, then you’re probably racist.

4 thoughts on “Is Bjarne Melgaard ‘s chair racist?”

  1. Just went and had a look. Am appalled. It is racist, sexist and downright offensive on every level. This is one of those days where I really put my head in my hands and wonder when is this going to stop?

  2. No. if you can’t see it on any other level than the highly superficial one you describe you really have no understanding of art since, well approximately Duchamp’s Urinal. Rather like feminism, art is not there to make you feel good about yourself.

    Try reading Valentine de Saint Point’s ‘Futurist Manifesto of Lust’ if you’d like to try to start catching up with the last 100 years from a feminist perceptive. I’m sure you’ll find her assertion of rape as natural equally as shocking as Melgaard’s frankly rather tame piece,

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