It is the End of Feminism.

At least, this is the story the media keeps spinning based on that pisstake of a survey by Netmums. The sheer number of feminists pointing out the problems with the survey has gone completely unnoticed by the press. So, I say we roll with it. 

And, we declare feminism dying.

Then, we can declare ourselves an endangered species.

Technically, humans are animals so I’m sure we can work out how to get ourselves added to the World Wildlife Federation’s list of protected species. I mean, people are forever talking about feminists as if we were some sort of strange sub-breed of human so let’s embrace it.

Then, we can get funding to run schools to train other women to be feminists thereby ensuring the survival of Feminists as a species.

Granted, there are some serious holes in my theory; notwithstanding the whole issue of there being nothing cuter than a baby panda. Also, that whole feminist thing about not being judged by our physical appearances. But, frankly, this plan is nowhere near as stupid as all the nincompoops who read that Netmums survey without recognising that it is nothing more than over-priced toilet paper.

If we’re really lucky, maybe those bucketheads at PETA will come up with a sufficiently offensive ad campaign that will have all of Hollywood tripping over themselves to donate to our cause.

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