Male Violence at Glastonbury

I’m well behind on my reading this summer what with the whole no wifi and numerous small children standing at my shoulder checking out what I’m doing on the computer, -plus, the daily battles over who gets to mine craft that day, so I’ve only just seen Laura Bate’s article in the Guardian about a man at Glastonbury who unveiled a flag with a still from the “sex-tape” involving Kim Kardashian.

I absolutely loathe the term “sex-tape” as it makes the release of the intimate videos of celebrity women sound consensual. Kardashian, like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson, did not consent to an intimate video being shared. We need a new term to make it clear that these videos are sexual violence.

I would also go further than Bates when she said this about the flag:

This wasn’t “banter”. This wasn’t a hilarious stunt. This was the very public shaming of a pregnant woman in front of her husband and a crowd of strangers. And if that sounds positively medieval, then it should tell you something about our “modern” attitudes towards women.

I would class this as sexual violence. It was the deliberate use of images of a woman shared without consent.

Bates’ article is excellent and I highly recommend it. And, I wish we lived in a society where the man who brought this flag to Glastonbury could be criminalized.

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