Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: Move your Lee

@CellarDoor790 brought this ad to my attention [and went out of their way to get a photo of it for me].  Now, normally I would dismiss this as the usual, insidious form of the sexual objectification of women’s bodies to see a product. These campaigns are just so tedious and fucking everywhere that no one bothers to complain about them. Now, yeah, they are selling jeans but they don’t actually have to have a super skinny model showing off her ass. They really don’t.

But this campaign is actually making me snarl with rage and not because of the everyday sexism. It’s pissing me off because it’s actually quite a fun campaign. Lee have used a group of athletes and dancers and filmed them dancing and hanging out.  The video is great fun and I am insanely jealous of anyone who can dance like that because I certainly couldn’t even before I became disabled. Yet, in the midst of some great dancing, they had to go with 30 seconds of three young women wiggling their arses walking down the street. It’s not exactly new selling jeans by using women’s sexuality and bodies for male gratification but this campaign had the ability to just be fun. Instead, it went with the same old shit. and I am disappointed. 

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