Misogyny on the End Austerity March

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This is what misogyny looks like on the left. It’s why so many feminists don’t trust men who claim to be feminists or socialists. We’re all well aware of the misogyny within their ranks and their support for rapists and rape apologists over the safety and bodily integrity of women and children. Julian Assange, George Galloway and the ‘comrade’ in the socialist workers party aren’t aberrations. They reflect the reality of women-hating amongst leftist men: they depend on women’s labour which they consistently undervalue and then they treat women like objects only worth fucking.

And, seriously, what kind of fucked up man takes a sex doll on a public march where it will be seen by children? The kind that don’t give a shit about girls who are being sexually exploited. The kind who participate in the preparation of young girls for sexual abuse (grooming) and the kind who believe girl children can ‘consent’ to sexual acts. I don’t see men supporting an end to austerity. I see sexual predators.

3 thoughts on “Misogyny on the End Austerity March”

  1. Why did the rest of the men around him tolerate it. Why did they not stop him. Their lack of action, their lack of humanity, their carelessness about women and girls, Their lack of a sense of social justice, human rights for everyone, says it all.

    1. Most wouldn’t have seen an issue with it or wouldn’t care. And, men wonder why we don’t want them in feminist spaces.

  2. ……or even in other women-only spaces like the Race For Life. Cancer Research’s FB page was polluted with whining men asking why they’re excluded from the Race For Life when cancer affects more men than women and is it because we hate men? Ugh…They even say stupid things like “don’t they also need our money?” as if you have to run the race to donate!

    The whole atmosphere of these runs would be totally different if men participated.

    It never seems to occur to them to organise their own races, although apparently they tried it and there wasn’t enough interest.

    Misogyny is so deeply ingrained in our culture that some people don’t recognise it when it’s blatantly obvious, like the sex doll thing. You honestly get guys calling women hoes, slags, filthy sluts etc and when you ask them why they hate women so much, they say “who’s hating?”

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