Proud to be a Man-hater

My lovely friend Frothy Dragon wrote this on FB yesterday:

So… The past few days has had me thinking about the “man hating feminist” trope. Funnily enough, I hear this cliche from liberal feminists more than I hear it from men themselves… But we all know men lie at the heart of the liberal feminist movement, along with the demand they are included at every turn. 

Women have to do so little to be declared “man haters”. All we have to do is name male violence for what it is. It is at this point the patriarchally minded step in and throw the “man hating” cliche into the mix. But in doing so, what men have done to women is forgotten, brushed under the carpet, ushered into the corner with candy with the hope it’ll be forgotten. 

But for a man to be declared a “woman hater” he has to do so much more. Even when men abuse, rape, prostitute and kill women, they’re excused… His victim’s actions are looked for as if his hatred was a logical reaction to her own actions. 

The liberals forget how ingrained woman hating is… from that moment a baby is killed for being female, to the child’s growth, through adulthood- womanhood is something to be despised, to be destroyed. Women are hated freely and easily. Men become the untouchables… we are not allowed to criticise them, lest we be labelled men haters.

But if all it takes to be labelled a man hater is to speak out unrelentlessly against male violence, to despise the violence done to my sisters, then I’ll wear that label… I’ll write it myself, and I’ll scream it from the rooftops. I’d rather be a man hater than stop addressing male violence for what it is.

Frothy speaks a lot of sense, non? Why are women who want to hold men accountable for their violence man-haters, when men who rape, torture and murder women aren’t considered women-haters?

6 thoughts on “Proud to be a Man-hater”

  1. Brilliant post. I was banned from mumsnet for being a ‘man hater’ because of ONE remark I’d made. Yet when we look at news reports about men who kill women (and children), it’s either mental illness, an aberration of a good man gone momentarily mad or, to the other end of the scale, a monster.

    Frothy certainly speaks sense.

    1. We need to start naming the problem which is male violence. Unless we start talking about it properly, we won’t be able to fix it.

      And, Frothy always speaks sense. 🙂

      What was your MN name?

    2. Please don’t feel obliged to tell me. I’m so sorry that that happened to you. The We Believe You campaign was supposed to be about supporting women. 🙁

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