Publishing Nude Photos Without Consent is Sexualised Violence

I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll be saying it again shortly: Publishing nude photos of someone without their consent is sexualised violence. It doesn’t matter if its Prince Harry, Kate Middleton or Paris Hilton. This is an issue of consent not free speechFreedom of speech is not the right to be a jackass. It is not the right to do something just because you can. We need to stop buying into the discourse that free speech is more important than anything else. Supporting free speech in this manner only serves to perpetuate rape culture. 

This is what I wrote when this same discussion came up several weeks ago but with Prince Harry as the object:

Publishing photos of people either naked or in other sexually compromising positions is sexualised violence. This should apply as equally to bucketheaded princes as it does to vulnerable 17 year olds. And, the media aren’t the only ones responsible for perpetuating this sexualised violence. Every time ordinary people google these images, they are buying into and feeding the sexual exploitation industry and helping to increase the number of sexually exploited people. The whole reality television and “celeb” magazines industry need to die. Today. People need to stop financially supporting the sexualised violence of others. This serves only to feed rape culture.

Whilst I think Prince Harry was a victim of sexualised violence, I do think there is something qualitatively different about publishing the photos of Kate Middleton’s breasts. We live in a rape culture which objectifies women’s bodies as fucktoys. Prince Harry’s photos were celebrated as evidence of his cheekiness. Kate Middleton is already been blamed for having the temerity of taking off her shirt in private [and this thread on Mumsnet is disgraceful. Such vicious victim-blaming horseshit]. Publishing nude photos of a woman without their consent just reinforces the very specific gendered vulnerability of women. It just demonstrates how little value women really have in rape culture.

The people who take these images are perpetuating rape culture.

The magazines which publish these photos are perpetuating rape culture.

The people who buy these celebrity magazines are perpetuating rape culture.

The people who google these images are perpetuating rape culture.

The people who think it’s part of being a celebrity are perpetuating rape culture.

Kate Middleton married a man. She didn’t sign up to be sexually assaulted. Her wedding vows did not include the end to her privacy. The person who took the photo should be prosecuted. The magazine that published the photo should be prosecuted. 

As much as I dislike the Royal Family, I hope they sue.

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  1. Oh come on. All women who buy Heat magazine (or look at it down the hairdressers – where I read it) are perpetuating rape culture? No wonder second wave feminism got crushed by the third wave where people are actually allowed to lighten up and enjoy themselves. Googling an image of Kate’s tits is supporting rape? I’d rather take Princess Di’s view (on twitter) that they were pretty shite :). (oh year, objectify away, like you’ve never hung out with your girlfriends discussing the size of your boyfriends cocks).

    The real problem is we regard flashing your tits as of interest still (well actually judging by reactions most people don’t). For fucks sake get over this pseudo outrage – there no longer is anything more than the fast dying remenents of the patriarchy and given another 15 years any male who thought like that will be retired – at least in the western world. Save your outrage for suppression and exploitation in the third and Islamic worlds.

    1. Women who financially support an industry which is based on the sexualised bullying and humiliation are supporting rape culture. It is not the same type or level of support as men who purchase “sex” and pornography. Men are the main perpetrators and perpetuators of rape culture. But, women who buy magazines calling other women fat and ugly aren’t helping. Googling images of another woman’s body is nasty, bullying behaviour.

      This isn’t pseudo outrage. This is a belief that NO ONE deserves to be treated in such a despicable manner. And, no, I’ve never sat around discussing the size of my partner’s cock. I think that’s pretty pathetic behaviour really. You should try reading Ariel Levy’ Femal Chauvinist Pigs. I don’t want a society where women are “equal” to men. After all, most men live in abject poverty in areas of disaster, war and violence. I want nothing less that the full liberation of women from male violence because the Patriarchy isn’t dying. It’s just getting better at co-opting those who care nothing for others.

  2. Mansplanning again – because he claims (whilst protecting his identity) that he is the expert on what is and is not rape culture!

    Men’s pornographic magazines such as Daily Sport, Nuts, Zoo, and not forgetting malestream media constantly publish images of women as men’s dehumanised sexual service stations. Not forgetting men’s favourite sport which is taking ‘upskirt photos’ of women as they go up esclators; men taking intrusive images of their female partners/girl friends and then publishing these photos of social network sites. All are examples of men’s now blatant contempt and male hatred for women.

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