Reasons to Love the NHS: Or, My Sister’s Life

My sister lives in Canada. She very nearly died due to complications of serious medical malpractice. She was discharged from the hospital with no extended care details or even the support from a nutritionist. I have been here 2 weeks caring for her children. For the 3 weeks prior to this, my eldest daughter was here caring for her children.

My sister survived. Her recovery will be long and there is no automatic support network in place to assist those who are in recovery from severe illness.

This morning, she received a bill for 328 dollars for the ambulance to the hospital as she lacks medical insurance. I couldn’t believe it when I opened the bill. It never even occurred to me that a nation which takes pride in its health care could run a system where emergency transport isn’t covered.

The welfare state in Canada is simply a disaster. Our so-called national health service doesn’t cover the price of prescription medication. And, a woman who nearly died is sent a bill for an ambulance.

This is why we must save the NHS. We cannot allow seriously ill patients to be sent a bill to pay for ambulance transport to the hospital when they have internal bleeding and peritonitis. How many seriously ill patients would think twice about phoning if they knew they would have to pay?


4 thoughts on “Reasons to Love the NHS: Or, My Sister’s Life”

  1. Very very true Louise. The NHS saved my life too (I nearly died from septicaemia in 2012).

    Without the hard work of the nurses and doctors of the Royal Hampshire County Hospital and their Bi-Pap machine I wouldn’t be here.

    My birth too was an elongated hospital stay, three months premature after pseudomonas.

    It is unthinkable to me that my bank balance would have to be checked to provide an ambulance.

    The NHS is one of the best institutions this country boasts. It is not perfect but we’d be poorer without it. I wish your sister well.

      1. Remember Cameron’s promise? “No top down reorganisation” Pfft. 2015 can’t come fast enough for me, but there is so little difference between the parties now. Immigrant bashing, women bashing, disabled bashing. The problem is UKIP. They did well amongst an apathetic electorate. The other parties are now aping them. Fucking depressing.

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