Reportedly: Just Another Weasel Word

UPDATE:  Radhika Sanghani, the journalist who wrote the article I ranted about below, has removed the word reportedly and apologised. My objection to the term remains but it is so very rare to have a journalist respond so quickly.


Reportedly and allegedly: both code words for women are liars. And, men are helpless little victims of nasty wimmen accusing them from all sorts of things which never happen: like rape and domestic violence. These exist only in women’s imaginations you see.

Today’s women who lies: Jean Hatchet who the Telegraph who labels “reportedly” a victim of domestic violence because of her campaign to have Ched Evans banned from playing for Sheffield United following his conviction for rape.

Maybe it’s just because she’s a friend, but seriously, the Telegraph can FUCK RIGHT OFF with their women-blaming bullshit. This isn’t an article about a criminal trial. There is no potential for libel. The ONLY reason to include reportedly is to bring Jean’s character into doubt.  To imply she is prone to hysteria and over-reaction. It’s hateful fucking bullshit and I am seriously sick to death of journalists  who haven’t bothered to read the NUJ guidelines on reporting male violence against women. I’m sick to fucking death of journalists who prefer to label women liars rather than examine the reality of male violence.

Shit like this is why mainstream media is neither trust-worthy nor unbiased. They all collude in eliding male responsibility for perpetration of violence.

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