Silent Sunday : Inspiring and Thought Provoking Blogs Written by Women

Someone White suggested that an “Honest Conversation” on Race can’t include Racism at Gradient Lair

Quick Fixes like Changing Gun Control Laws would not have made a difference for 13 UK women killed through suspected male violence in 2013 by Karen Ingala Smith

The Silencer: An Open Letter to those quick to defend but slow to reflect at Everyday Victim Blaming

Whites being “Not Racist’ is NOT Enough by Gradient Lair

Is anger always bad? by Respectfully Raising

White, Cis and Silenced at Bottomface

Rape Threats: It’s a Free Speech Issue at Quite Irregular

On the pain of Violent Men, or, Why I’m not sorry about Max and Montle at Africa is a Country

Divide and Conquer by Feminist Borgia

Not that girl at Belle Jar Blog

On Becoming a Radical Feminist by Carrgonnen

I Support You at One Women’s Thoughts

A Family Secret at Filthy Freedom

Online Misogyny and Magic Buttons by Bottomface

I am a Black Radical Womyn : guest post at Danielle Paradis

Why this disabled woman no longer identifies as a feminist at Disability and Representation

10 thoughts … on mental illness, abuse and survivors at Are Women Human Too?

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