#womenwrites: a compilation of essential writing by women

For three years I have been collating a weekly selection of writing by women that I think are must reads. I’m going to continue doing this but will now reshare all the articles I collect each week with the tag #womenwrites. I hope other women will share articles, blogs, vlogs, poetry and art that has stunned, challenged or changed their life using #womenwrites.

At the end of each week, I will storyify everything shared on twitter using the #womenwrites tag to create an even bigger archive of women writers and artists.


A Brief Genealogy of Disappearance and Murder by Julian Vigo

About The Things All Men Hate. at Whole Women

MP Jess Phillips: ‘You have to be a remarkable woman to get to the top … average men get there all the time’ by Helen Pidd

‘It was all a dream,’ explains Scott Adams, re: patriarchy by Meghan Murphy

Bookshelves via @RadFemRepost

Free Choice Does Not Exist by @umlolidunno via @RoomOfOurOwn

Does queer have anything to do with homosexual anymore?  at Purple Sage Feminist

The egg via @RoomOfOurOwn

On failures to understand what ‘free speech’ does and does not mean: Starkey again via @LucyAllenFWR

A better way to think about consent by Purple Sage Feminist

‘Slut-shaming’ Charlie Sheen should be the last of our concerns at Feminist Current

The feminist asylum that redefined women’s mental-health treatment by April Wolfe

The whole ball game via @Glosswitch

Nearly half of Rape Crisis organisations threatened with closure in England and Wales due to lack of funding by Serina Sandhu

War Machine thinks he has a right to rape women (and so does porn culture) via @FeministCurrent

Is this what you think victims of domestic violence look like? by @monk_laura

Hannah Arendt, the Nazis and the Banality of Evil by Sara Salem

The Suited by @CatEleven

‘Go die in a fire” is not just an idle threat – as I know only too well by @sianushka

I know how I feel about catcalls, thanks: a response to Paris Lees by @marstrina

Mrs Singh’s pick-me-up via @LorrieHearts

James Deen was promoting sexual violence & rape culture long before recent allegations via @FeministCurrent

Pope Francis pontificates on ‘new colonialism,’ Africa still reeling from the old one by @RachelDecoste via @WritersofColour

The silence that underpins sexual abuse at Herbs & Hags

Passive aggressive by @wordspinster

Fashion and Gender by Purple Sage



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