Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: Gillette Razors; with a side order of Domestic Violence.

I first came across the new Gillette Razor’s campaign via Stavver’s blog. I just clicked the link, thought WTF and then retweeted. Stavver’s already said everything I would have so it seemed redundant to repeat it.  It’s the usual vile heteronormative arsehattery which insists that women must pass the Patriarchal Fuckability Test at ALL times. I would have ignored it and continued in my refusal to shave my leg hair. This was until Leah Hardy pointed out that one of the images is of domestic violence. If you click on the mirror, question 4 is this image:

That first image blown up:

That is most definitely an image of a woman screaming whilst her partner’s fist is clenched and he is grabbing her. 

The blog It’s Just a Hobby suggest we all complain to Gillette here. I will also be complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority. This is an ad campaign that needs to be removed. Gillette needs to be apologise and then donate a very large sum of money to Women’s Aid.

UPDATE: Apparently, if you can believe this, Gillette claims that the campaign wasn’t meant to go live today [see here]. I’m sure they will be back soon with some piece of faux apology with will blame one employee for making the campaign go “live” without addressing the fact that more than one person will have been involved in this arsehattery from at least two companies: Gillette and the advertising company responsible for the campaign. Whether or not Gillette meant to go “live” is irrelevant at this point. What is relevant is that a large multi-national corporation has created a huge web-based advertising campaign which includes an image of domestic violence as punishment for not shaving one’s legs. It doesn’t matter how they run it from here, I won’t be buying Gillette again. Erm, if I already weren’t boycotting them for being the nincompoops responsible for the Proud Sponsor of Mums campaign. Oddly, I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

Not Quite the Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame but it Made me Cranky

Actually, this really isn’t even remotely close to making it to the Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame. It’s actually quite an incredibly cute ad by Ikea featuring a number of small, cherubic children setting the table with the help of their toys. The only complaint I have is that they have gendered the toys. Would it have been so far out of the realm of possibility for a little boy to have a teddy bear and the little girl the blue robot? It’s still cute though.

But, let’s be honest here, the best ad Ikea has ever made was the cat one. There is nothing funnier than a 100 cats let loose in an Ikea store. It makes me howl with laughter every time I see it.

And the behind the scenes video:

Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: Move your Lee

@CellarDoor790 brought this ad to my attention [and went out of their way to get a photo of it for me].  Now, normally I would dismiss this as the usual, insidious form of the sexual objectification of women’s bodies to see a product. These campaigns are just so tedious and fucking everywhere that no one bothers to complain about them. Now, yeah, they are selling jeans but they don’t actually have to have a super skinny model showing off her ass. They really don’t.

But this campaign is actually making me snarl with rage and not because of the everyday sexism. It’s pissing me off because it’s actually quite a fun campaign. Lee have used a group of athletes and dancers and filmed them dancing and hanging out.  The video is great fun and I am insanely jealous of anyone who can dance like that because I certainly couldn’t even before I became disabled. Yet, in the midst of some great dancing, they had to go with 30 seconds of three young women wiggling their arses walking down the street. It’s not exactly new selling jeans by using women’s sexuality and bodies for male gratification but this campaign had the ability to just be fun. Instead, it went with the same old shit. and I am disappointed. 

Misogynisitic Advertising Walk of Shame: PETA Redux

I bet everyone’s shocked to read that PETA have yet another misogynistic advertising campaign out: this time featuring domestic violence. I know I was. After all, PETA have such a great history of working for the end to animal testing of make-up and preventing animal abuse within the mass farming industry without engaging in any kind of misogynistic nincompoopery. Or, erm, something like that anyway.

I genuinely don’t get how anyone with an ounce of empathy can take these misogynistic arseholes seriously. Make no mistake, PETA is a deeply misogynistic organisation. This isn’t them being sexist because we live in a patriarchal society and they don’t have the critical thinking skills to see they harm they are doing. PETA actively campaign for animal rights by romanticising and eroticising violence against women. They did it with their banned Superbowl ad featuring women having sex with vegetables [which they ripped off from the misogynists of Voina before they came up with Pussy Riot] and they did it by carving Pamela Anderson into a piece of meat. Their comparisons with slavery are crass and the use of the Holocaust to make a point just vile but criticism of the hurt caused by their campaigns has never stopped PETA. If anything, their level of violent, abusive nincompoopery has served only to encourage stupid celebrity after stupid celebrity to join them, proving once again that the best way to be famous is to be an arsehole. There is a PETITION HERE. This is the text of the petition:PETA launched a new campaign encouraging people to go Vegan by promoting violence against women. Violence in any form is never okay. In its latest ploy to correlate being vegan with sex, PETA has over stepped every line in a campaign that would make anyone cringe. The campaign is called: BWVAKTBOOM: “Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom out of Me.” Appropriately titled for a series of advertisements that not only display [without any trigger warnings], but highlight and romanticize sexual violence against women. In its latest ad, PETA portrays a disheveled and physically & sexually battered woman who is the “latest victim” of a boyfriend who went vegan and then “knocked the bottom out of her”. She is seen with bruises all over her body and even has to wear a neck-brace. PETA further proves its ignorance around violence against women by boasting a new website for the BWVAKTBOOM campaign where videos can be readily viewed, and there is a [intended-to-be] humorous “call” to prevent BWVAKTBOOM-related injuries. Violent messages are sent, such as: “For years, women have been open to the physical, emotional, and karmic benefits of veganism. But now, more and more men are discovering the perks of a plant-based diet. More specifically, a dramatic increase in their wang power and sexual stamina. Unfortunately, the consequences of all this mind-blowing intercourse can often lead to sex injuries such as whiplash, pulled muscles, rug burn, and even a dislocated hip.” PETA has clearly overlooked any regard for survivors of sexual and domestic violence in this new campaign, while making a mockery out of the seriousness of violence against women. In taking a stand that there is NEVER an excuse to promote or diminish the real-life impact of violence, I demand the full termination of the BWVAKTBOOM campaign.

Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: It’s Boots. Again

I hate the Boots Here Come the Girls ads. I think they are misogynistic twaddle and glorify the objectification of women’s bodies, the fetishisation of “girls” and construct women as shallow, narcissists with serious addiction problems [notably shopping which can be self-destructive when compulsive]. I try not to let the kids watch ads so we record things before we watch them. Unfortunately, Boots has now taken to advertising before the Kids Club movie at Vue Cinema. And, they have surpassed themselves with the misogyny in their new campaign, although not with creativity since they have liberally “borrowed” from Galaxy’s “women have to hide chocolate bars around the house so no one knows they eat chocolate” twaddle. 

Boots’ pre-movie Here Come the Girls ad now features a woman staring with glee into a locked box full of chocolate bars. As I said with the Galaxy ads, 

Hiding food isn’t the sign of a woman with a healthy relationship to food. Its quite a serious red flag for eating disorders. This ad simply fetishises eating disorders as something that all women should aspire too. … I turn off the TV every time I see this ad because it makes me sad and utterly fucked off with a society that treats women eating as a social taboo.

The old Boots ads are bad enough. They feature women with compulsive behaviour problems and women trapped in marriages with men who are selfish and rude. They reinforce the idea that women’s bodies are inherently ugly and that we can not be seen in public without covering ourselves in make-up and expensive skin creams, all the while getting our daily vitamin intake from pills whilst we stop eating to desperately lose that extra 10 pounds so we won’t be fat too. But, now, we are not only ugly and fat, we are being encouraged to fetishise chocolate. No doubt, so that we will then be back at Boots buying weight loss products. The entire campaign is degrading to women. 

And, don’t get me started on the word “girls”. God forbid we get to be strong, intelligent, resourceful, and kind women with real needs and desires. Nope, we get to be infantilised and demeaned whilst hiding chocolate in locked boxes.

Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: Samsung’s Smart TV’s Seductive Emotion

Because the only way to sell a TV to men is to have an advertisement, run before the Kids’ Club Movie*, starring a woman in her underwear being stared at by a building full of men incapable of thinking with anything other than their cocks: 

Because it is not at all frightening or creepy to find a couple of hundred men, some old enough to be your father, show up at your door salivating with lust. It’s what every girl dreams of at night: some middle-aged arsehole who you’ve never met rocking up at your door with an erection. Nothing says desperate loser more.
No doubt, if one of them turned out to be a sexual predator, it would have been her fault for getting raped because she “enticed” them with her sexiness. Whilst watching the fucking TV. Because no woman is safe in their own home from predatory men. I mean, Reddit’s proved that women’s bodies are fair game in public. Why not in private too? God forbid, women think they are entitled to any privacy. 
Does Samsung realise women watch TV too? That I’m definitely not going to buy a TV whose entire ad campaign is based on perpetuating and perpetrating rape culture? Cus, it’s not happening. 
Also, why is this commercial appropriate for an audience of small children? Does Samsung think 4 year old boys are so obsessed with tits that they are going to make their fathers run and buy a new TV so they can see a pair? 
And, why don’t more men find this kind of advertising offensive? It’s just said that all men are sex-obsessed losers with no self-control? Do none of you find that a tad rude? Or, objectionable?
*Okay, this is a bit a theme recently. I can safely say, bar an outbreak of the plague, I will not be taking small to see anymore kids’ club movies because I clearly can not handle the rage-inducing levels of misogyny. At least, I won’t until the get rid of Aquafresh’s Nurdle World which is just the most appalling gender stereotyped shit that even Disney would struggle to match. After that, I might reassess the situation but only because it’s raining. Again. 

Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: Jean Paul Gaultier Does Diet Coke

Jean Paul Gaultier is designing limited edition Diet Coke bottles. Because, obviously, Diet Coke has run out of ideas on misogynistic advertising and has gone the desperate route of  paying a fashion designer to paint their bottles. After all, it is so uber-cool to show a man’s face on a women’s body. That isn’t at all creepy:

And, there is nothing weird at all about painting the naked body of model Daisy Lowe to look like a beverage:
Oh, look the launch features burlesque and the women as Barbie dolls trope. Gosh, that’s ultra exciting and has totally never, ever been done before:

This isn’t the first campaign Gaultier has designed for Diet Coke. He is also responsible for the creepy doll commercials. That would be the campaign which officially stopped me drinking Diet Coke. Because, they were creepy and not in a Chuckie kind of way but in a porny, women are nothing more than fucktoys kind of way. I have to say I was not aware he was also responsible for this shite but it doesn’t really surprise me. After all, the fashion industry is noted for its general hatred of women.

Diet Coke have done this before. This was the effort of  Karl Lagerfield, the quintessential misogynist who is forever labelling women fat and therefore unfuckable: 

Would it be too much to ask for a product aimed at women not to be women-hating bullshit designed to make us all feel like failures in the Patriarchal Fuckability Test? Really?

Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: Vagenda Knocks Them Down

These images are taken from a blogpost on Vagenda. I think they’ve brilliantly deconstructed the misogyny. But, sometimes, you just need to look at the images a second time to fully understand the WTF?  bit. [Or, a third time in this case].*


*Between, Kookai definitely don’t sell yogurt. I googled just in case there were two companies called Kookai. There aren’t.
**Surely, PETA should be starting a campaign against French Connection now. That way, we can admire the misogyny squared.
*** Pot Noodle: The Lynx Effect of Food. Only eat them if you have a penis and are stupid****

****Not everyone with a penis is stupid so please don’t bother posting that level of nincompoopery as a comment.

Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: Estee Lauder

Sophie Barnes has already written an excellent critique of the unrelenting stupidity and just all around arrogance of this product in the New Statesman. Estee Lauder’s new Advanced Night Repair comes with the tagline: “The revolutionary repair formulas millions of women can’t live without.” As Barnes says:

Turns out the one thing that women require as a basic need the world over is anti-aging cream. No, not clean running water or access to electricity. Not even the oxygen we breathe is as crucial or as life-sustaining as holding off those wrinkles, ladies. This isn’t just that we’d quite like healthy, younger-looking skin – no, it’s not that flippant. We NEED a youthful, bouncy complexion – our very lives depend on it. 

Who knew? Women could actually die from having wrinkles. I’m so glad Estee Lauder has brought this to my attention. Now, I know the secret to eternal life is some over-priced anti-aging cream. All those centuries alchemists spent looking for the Philosopher’s stone trying to turn base metals into gold and live forever were wasted. All we need is some anti-aging cream because being old is, well, practically a crime. Next thing, women with wrinkles will be imprisoned for failing the Patriarchal Fuckability Test. 

So, I’m adding Estee Lauder to the boycott list for being offensive, stupid and totally lacking in an understanding of the real problems we face as humans.

Misogynistic Advertising Walk of Shame: Eurostar’s Tedious Twaddle

These are some of Eurostar’s Post-Olympic ads which “invite customers to bring a little something back” with them. Granted, these aren’t quite as horrific as the MyCheck ad starring Bar Rafaeli but they are so utterly tedious with the monotonous sexism. The second one definitely comes with an undercurrent of slut-shaming; just to be extra exciting.