The REAL reason #RadFem2013 is having problems with its venue

This is the official reason that #RadFem2013 has been having problems with the venue. This statement is from Off to Work as posted on their Facebook page:

The booking with Off to Work, based at London Irish Centre, was going ahead with the Radfem2013 organising committee, who are professionally organising a successful event for the Radical Feminist Community. The organisers were completely transparent about their conference and we have no criticisms to make of them and we have no opinion at all about their political analysis. 

Allegations that some media sources and bloggers are putting forward about the reason for the decision having anything to do with their political analysis, opinions, “hate speech” or the conference being in breach of legislation are completely false. Our partner, The London Irish Centre, is in agreement with us that these allegations are not the reason for this suspension. The reason, as outlined to the organisers, are specifically around the safety of staff, the overall ability of the centre to logistically manage the booking, and the level of disruption that a small group of protesters have caused. We support the conference going ahead and we are working with the organising collective to find a way forward to ensure that this happens.

This has quite clearly been their stance since the first rumours started about the venue possibly pulling out to do to harassment of their staff. The lies and deliberate misinformation spread by both the MRE group A Voice for Men and certain supposed feminist-activists are quite clear. 

I expect the feminists who deliberately spread this misinformation despite knowing it was clearly false will apologise now. That would be the feminist thing to do.