The Dude who publicly humiliated the child is the Biggest Areshole in this story

So, a kid went to The Tate Modern and climbed on a really, really, really expensive statue. The parents weren’t overly concerned so some Dude posted a video of this Most Horrific Event ever in a bid to uncover the identity of the horrible child and their nasty parents.

Now, I’ve got no idea what actually happened. If the parents did encourage their nine year old to climb the statue, then they are nincompoops with very bad manners. Regardless of whether or not the child climbed of her own volition or was encouraged by the parents, posting the video online in a bid to identify them is even more appalling. It’s nasty, vindictive and cruel. Children have the right to grow up and make mistakes without some asshole posting video online in order to name them.

Yeah, the parents aren’t exactly sympathetic characters. FGS, 9 year old aren’t ‘anti-establishment’ and suggestions that climbing over-priced art makes one ‘anti-establishment’ is beyond ridiculous.

But, seriously, posting a video online for the sole purpose of finding the names of a child to humiliate? That’s beyond poorly behaved children with nincompoops for parents. It’s cruel and vindictive. I’m appalled that anyone could think this was appropriate.

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