The “Father’s Rights Movement” is Dominated by Hypocrites

Last week, I published a report written by Nick Smithers from the organisation Circle who claim to be “Supporting Families In Scotland”. The report is a joke. It’s based on a sample size of 8 and tries to prove that “all” fathers are somehow victimised and are all prevented accessing their children due to lying whores of mothers, nasty feminists and evil social workers. Honestly, I’ve marked junior high essays where the students have had a better grasp of source material. There is nothing positive to be taken from the study except to reiterate that abusive men make shit fathers. Men who commit domestic violence against their partners are committing domestic violence against their children

Children have the right to grow up secure and loved. They have the right to grow up with parents who love them. They have the right to grow up in homes free from violence. I believe that abusive men should be prohibited from contact with their children until the children are old enough to decide for themselves whether or not they want contact. But, and this is a huge but, only following proper specialist intervention. Children should not have to visit men who abuse them or their mothers. Forcing women to continue to have contact with a man who abused them is not about the rights of the children. It’s about the rights of men to continue abusing their ex-partners with the full support of the legal system. We do our children a tremendous disservice in allowing this to happen.

I wrote this list for Father’s Day.

Do 50% of the parenting.

Do 50% of the scut work.

Do 50% of the shit work.

Get up in the middle of the night with your sick kids.

Take the day off work when your kids are sick.

You don’t ‘baby-sit’ your kids. You are a parent.

You don’t get rewards for acting like an adult. You shouldn’t get one for being a parent.

Pay maintenance. Not paying maintenance is child abuse.

You show up for contact. There is nothing more important than your children. 

You skip contact to watch football, then you are a shit father.

Domestic violence makes you a shit father. Abusing your partner in front of your children is child abuse.

If you can’t name your child’s teacher, best friend or medication, you are a shit father.

If you can’t name your child’s favourite toy, you are a shit father.

If you need to be told what time your child’s school starts or the names of their after-school activities, you are a shit father.

Parenting is a 24/7 job with no breaks or overtime. If you don’t understand that, then don’t have PIV. 

Children deserve real fathers; not neglectful arse wipes who care more about their cocks than they do their children.

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  1. Excellent rant!

    Can’t believe that report was based on a sample size of 8. That is seriously scary shit that people take that kind of thing seriously (or in the case of MRAs as gospel).

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