The New York Times thinks the People of Scotland are Stupid

After the response to my previous post on the Scottish Referendum, I swore I wasn’t going to speak publicly about it again. Being called a neo-Nazi for voting no somewhat pissed me off. Then, I found this piece of unmitigated, offensive drivel in my tabs and remembered that I was pissed off with the New York Times

They start with this:

Scotland has been England’s junior partner in the United Kingdom since 1707. But three centuries is no time at all in the view of many Scots, who regularly re-enact 14th century sword battles they had with the English and have insisted on self-determination, on and off, ever since. That prospect is now nearer than ever. Scottish voters will decide on Thursday whether to become independent once again.

Some of you, like say the New York Times, might be surprised to lean that re-enactment is a huge industry in the US. In fact, you can’t turn on an American detective show without at least one episode dedicated to some dude shooting some other dude with a converted civil war rifle. This is without getting into the issue of people prancing about in civil war uniforms pretending the civil war was all about battles without mentioning the teensy-tiny side issue of slavery. People dressed up in historical costumes, prancing about and arguing about the exact second at which a cannon was fired is hardly confined to the Scots. Googling American Civil War reenactment found a German group which enjoys it – although quite how one reenacts a war on a totally different continent is beyond me (or why anyone would get up in the middle of night to stand about in badly fitted clothing waiting for someone else to shoot a gun).

All of this is the type of ridiculous drivel one expects from a media which has skipped facts for salacious coverage and desperation. But then, they said this:

One might expect the referendum to be a question of national identity, of men in skirts and whiskey and “Braveheart” nostalgia, but hard economics have dominated the debate: What currency will Scotland use? How will revenue from North Sea oil reserves be divided (or will it)? Who will shoulder the burden of public debt?

Yep, that’s the New York Times expressing shock at the ability of Scottish people to like think and have opinions and stuff. They’ve pretty much stated that they assumed Scottish people were too dim to think about important stuff like the economy. Nope, we’re just a nation of men in skirts, drunk on Whiskey who get over-excited about historically inaccurate Mel Gibson films.

This is our mainstream “respected” media: expressing shock that people who live in other countries aren’t stupid.

3 thoughts on “The New York Times thinks the People of Scotland are Stupid”

  1. I was called similar names for voting yes. I look forward to the day when people can disagree about politics without being total spunkgibbons. As for the NY Times – I think their remarks are based in the perspective I have sometimes seen from Americans as Scotland (and Ireland) as romantic, unsophisticated, primitive tourist attraction rather than real countries containing real people with real lives and real brains.

    1. and, I agree completely about politics: I don’t know anyone who made their decision to vote yes/no without great difficulty.

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