The Steubenville Rapists Have Been Found Guilty But This Isn’t Real Justice

17 year old Trent Mays and 16 year old Ma’lik Richmond have been found guilty of rape

I did not think I would ever type that sentence. 

I have always thought the two  football players would be found not-guilty.

After all, no one else has been arrested for this crime whose cover-up involved a number of powerful adults within the community.

The teenagers who stood by and watched whilst a young woman was brutally raped, dragged from party to party and publicly shamed have not been held accountable.

The teenage boy, Mark Cole, who filmed the assault was given immunity in exchange for his testimony.

Head football coach Reno Saccoccia was complicit in the cover-up. He is also guilty of perpetrating and perpetuating rape culture.

The volunteer football coach Nate Hubbart was, at the very least, complicit in the cover-up; as well as guilty of perpetuating and perpetrating rape culture.

The ONLY reason this case even came to public attention is because of the tireless campaigns of blogger Alexandria Goddard and, eventually, Anonymous. 

These two football players have been found guilty but this isn’t justice.

The rape they committed has been viewed across the world. 

Those images will forever be available. Their victim will never get her privacy back.

Her community turned against her to support two boys whose only “positive traits” are the ability to toss a football.

The mass media, finally shamed into covering the story, went on a rape apologism spree to defend the two poor ickle boys who’ve ruined their lives by raping someone.

The bystanders will never be held criminally accountable.

The adults in the community of Steubenville, who conspired to cover up this case by refusing to investigate or prosecute, will never be held accountable. 

Regardless of their convictions as juveniles, justice has not been served.

Instead, another young woman has been raped, publicly shamed and blamed for her rape and the media, led by CNN, are now whining about the lives of two rapists being destroyed.

There is no justice in rape culture. Not for rape victims.

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