There are a few moments when I am at a loss for words:

This is one of them because I genuinely can’t believe that someone would invent a product designed to feed an infant too small to hold a bottle for themselves. Or, that its somehow more important to vacuum than feed your baby. There is never, ever a time when housework is more important than taking the time to feed and cuddle your baby.

Feeding, whether breast or bottle, is an important cuddling session for babies. Their emotional health and development is dependent on this. There is nothing more important than ensuring that your baby is fed safely and securely. Neither of these products are safe. They contravene NHS guidelines on feeding infants and are incredibly dangerous. 

But, it’s not just that these products are dangerous. And, they are. They really, really are. The risk of choking is huge; as is the risk of over-feeding. This is just part of the growing industry in guilting and bullying new parents into believing that babies are just accessories or that their needs aren’t as important as the parents. We devalue the parent/ child relationship with these products. Babies are only small for a short time. The human infant is one of the weakest and least capable of caring for itself in the animal kingdom. Instead of ensuring that new parents and their babies bond properly, our culture keeps inventing ways to ignore the needs of babies so that new mothers can crash diet to look fuckable and new fathers can keep pretending they are bachelors with no responsibilities. We all lose out on this in the Capitalist-Patriarchy.

We should be encouraging parents, siblings and the extended family and friends in building these relationships. Not suggesting that new mothers, and the cartoon is quite telling on sex discrimination, aren’t failing if they just spend time playing, cuddling and caring for the needs of their babies.

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