This can’t be feminism. It’s just not how it works

This was retweeted into my twitter feed last night. It just made me so sad thinking  that this what feminism has become: refusing to support a feminist campaign demanding that the government start to take accurate information on fatal male violence against women in order to prevent further failures within the system because you don’t like someone the campaign retweeted. What passes for feminism on twitter isn’t real feminism. Feminism is about liberating women from male violence, regardless of whether or not you are BFF’s with everyone else. You don’t get cookies for refusing to support a campaign to end fatal male violence because someone you hate also supports the campaign. That’s not normal. It just isn’t.

If your feminism involves choosing to support campaigns only based on ones that your mates approve of, you may want to rethink your priorities. This isn’t feminism. It’s childish point-scoring and it has no place in any social justice movement.

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