Welcome to the Patriarchy where dogs are more important than women

Welcome to the Patriarchy where the brutal murder of two women are insignificant in the face of the death of four dogs. At least, according to The Mirror who responded to the murders of  Christine Lee, 66, and daughter Lucy, 40,  with a chat to the RSPCA.

Granted the death of 4 dogs isn’t something to celebrate but I’m going to go ahead  and suggest that brutal murder of two women by a male member of their family is (a) not an isolated incident but rather part of systemic male violence against women and (b) more worrying than the death of four dogs. I’m sure I’m going to get a pile full of hate mail for this stance but I really don’t care.

Christine Lee and her daughter Lucy were brutally murdered.  Men who kill women who are known to them almost always have a history of domestic violence. Yes, John Lowe, 82, has a documented history of animal abuse and had been give a 5 year ban on breeding dogs by the local council but this is important because animal abuse can be a warning sign of domestic violence.

Lets focus on what is important here: another man violently killing women. A full history of his abuse of animals is not necessary. What is important is investigating whether or not he has a documented history of violence against women, which I’m fairly sure it will.

This is the story of the murder of Christine and Lucy.

Their family deserves our consideration and support.

Christine and Lucy deserve our collective will to end violence against women.


Thank you to Counting Dead Women for raising this disgraceful example of misogyny.



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