What’s at Stake: Nothing Less than the Liberation of Women

This is written as part II of Feminisms Fest: Why it Matters.

Feminism Matters.

Feminism has always mattered.

There has never been a point when feminism doesn’t matter.

And, what’s at stake is nothing less than the full liberation of women.

I find it incredibly sad that we are still asking this question; that the endemic nature of male violence is still so unacknowledged that we have to preface every discussion on the experience of women survivors of rape with the statement: men are victims of rape too. Feminists know this. We’re the ones talking about it since the vast majority of male victims of rape are raped by other men.

Feminism matters because we are the ones naming perpetrators of all violence and are the only ones demanding they be held accountable.

Feminism matters.

Because women matter.

Because women are human too.

Rather than stating the obvious, I would rather shout out some of the amazing feminist and women’s organisations doing frontline work supporting women:

Feminism Matters but we already knew that. 

And, a new generation of women know it too.

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