Why I’m Boycotting Madame Tussauds

 Yesterday, I read a blog written by my friend @LUBBOttom on the silencing of the voices of women with disabilities within the feminist movement entitled “white, cis and silenced”. I have read the piece multiple times but still haven’t processed it fully because I keep getting to this paragraph and am not able to express a coherent thought due to rage: 

Funfairs and theme parks, which once used to be accommodating to people with wheelchairs are now considerably less so. Madame Tussauds, in particular, has brought into the scrounger propaganda and now demands medical proof of your disability in order to give you disability access. And god forbid you might want to sit with your children on a ride- they’re convinced you’re a danger to yourself, and insist that you can only sit next to, in front of was not good enough, another grown up or not go on the ride. Considering children also need to sit next to a grown up it leaves you with the option, if you’re only there with one other adult, of going on after your kids with a grown up but no children, which is understandable on a roller coaster but not so much on a small kiddy ride.

I assume this level of bullshit is currently legal since we live in a country which genuinely hates disabled people. It’s just the level of arrogance and infantilisation in this policy is just gobsmacking.

I will be boycotting Madame Tussauds until they change this policy and I will be writing them to tell them why. 

UPDATE: A good friend just posted a link to a really powerful article on the erasure of women with disabilities from interesectional feminism. It really is an essential read.

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