#WomenWrites: A Compilation of Essential Writing by Women

For three years I have been collating a weekly selection of writing by women that I think are must reads. I’m going to continue doing this but will now reshare all the articles I collect each week with the tag #womenwrites. I hope other women will share articles, blogs, vlogs, poetry and art that has stunned, challenged or changed their life using #womenwrites.

At the end of each week, I will storyify everything shared on twitter using the #womenwrites tag to create an even bigger archive of women writers and artists.

Below is my collection of writings from last week. I hope you will join me in adding more:

We need to talk about process…  at Trouble & Strife

The Woman’s Heart Attack by Martha Weinman Lear

Remembering Rosie: We Will Not Forget You  by Marcy Bloom

Comparing Acquisitive Crime to Rape by Sarah Ditum

Mass Killings in the US: Masculinity, Masculinity, Masculinity by Soraya Chemaly

How not to report on child sexual abuse: An 11-year-old boy does not “have sex with” his adult babysitter  by Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mean Girls: Why Do Australian Feminists Care So Little About the Most Vulnerable? by Laura McNally

Why Do Famous Men Keep Getting Away With Violence Against Women? by Zeba Blay

No-Platforming: The Neo-Liberal Fascism by Victoria A. Brownworth

Man tells women breastfeeding is easy. Woman observes man is a nincompoop by @HerBeattitude

No platform: my exclusion proves this is an anti-feminist crusade by @bindelj

Parents who publicly shame their kids: These disgusting attempts at viral infamy need to stop by Mary Elizabeth Williams

A hashtag shouldn’t make men fear for their lives. They already have a safe space – most of the world by Suzanne Moore

The big father figure lie: Race, the Kardashians and the latest war on Black moms by Brittney Cooper

The One Where I Get Teary via @Jackieme2009

From safe spaces to court summons, how did it get here? by Chimene Suleyman

Misogynoir: where racism and sexism meet by Eliza Anyangwe

The white privilege of British poetry is getting worse by Andrea Brady

Revolutions don’t need vanguards via by Elizabeth Kassade

TRIGGER-HAPPY-FLASH-BACK…OR WHY I STARTED #everydaytriggers via @anewselfwritten

Choice’ for women remains a loaded term. by @HoursofChaos

‘Abusive relationship’. When did this become a thing? by @SparkEquip

Vesta and Ana Mendieta: Sacred Altars Re-visited by ‪@rebecca9 ‪ 

The language of distress: Black women’s mental health and invisibility‪  via ‪@WritersofColour

The Psychology Super-computer!: I’m coming out…………….as Working Class 

The Not So Blaze-A Poem by ‪@FatFemPinUp

A Boudicca Of Women by ‪@CatEleven

A day of truce – imagining freedom at Reclaim the Night Perth

LEGALIZED PROSTITUTION IN AUSTRALIA: BEHIND THE SCENES… : Interview with Simone Watson via @RessourcesPros

Some thoughts on “ethical porn” at Purple Sage

who would be a working-class woman in academia? by Lisa McKenzie

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