#womenwrites: on feminism, the GRA, and sexual exploitation by 3rd sector employees

Whitewashed “feminism” – and the women building Pacific and global solidarity in spite of it , by Renee Gerlich

“… If feminism were alive and well here (in New Zealand), it would mean that our collective analysis was proving effective in pushing back against the systems of oppression keeping women enslaved. …

By divorcing the concept of gender from the reality of female oppression and celebrating it as “culture” and “identity”, mainstream New Zealand “feminism” embeds global misogyny more deeply. …”

Response to Mary Beard (tweets & blog on Oxfam’s failure to protect women and children in Haiti from their own employees), by Priyamvada Gopal

” … Still more troubling is your notion that moral bearings (‘civilised values’!) understandably disappear in spaces where people struggle with the worst things that can happen to human beings. We know that, in fact, some of the most courageous human actions, borne of deep decency, manifest themselves in these situations and not on the part of white saviours but those at the sharp end of misery. We also know that in zones like Hollywood, or indeed, academia, that have very little truck with ‘disaster’, notwithstanding the copious amounts of mediocrity they put out, we have seen depraved behaviour and enormous amounts of misconduct. Best case scenario your tweet connecting depraved behaviour and ‘disaster zones’ was a non sequitur. …”

The silencing of difficult women: What happened at Save the Children UK wasn’t a ‘mistake,’ it was a strategic choice. by anonymous for openDemocracy

It is now an acknowledged fact that women staff at Save the Children UK’s Headquarters in London suffered harassment and that their leadership failed them. In its public statements SCF-UK is now all about the implementation of policy reviews and a new dawn and a readiness for root and branch reform. Justin Forsyth, the former CEO, and Brendan Cox, his former number two, have both admitted that they mistreated women. But this stems from a crisis that culminated in 2015. Why is it only being acknowledged now? Why didn’t anyone speak up? …

Women are a vital part of the socialist movement – they must be consulted over changes to the Gender Recognition Act, by Ruth Serwotka

… Jeremy Corbyn, in promoting liberal good intentions fails on good politics. He recently said of his support for trans rights: “I see the person in front of me.” We all do. Our intention is not to remove the rights of trans people to have happy and secure lives but it is to ensure that women’s rights also remain secure and that sex-based protections are not diluted in law. …

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