1001 Books

Since 2011, I have been reading only books written by women as a form of feminist action suggested by women on Mumsnet. Originally, I just posted monthly lists of the books I was reading on this site. Eventually, I joined Goodreads and starting tracking books there. However, in the past 4 years, I have been struggling with severe depression and anxiety  disorder, which makes everything so much more difficult. Reading is one of the things I have missed the most as I couldn’t even concentrate on collections of short stories or children’s books.  That is when I came across @RowenaMonde list of 1001 books, whilst reading some of her wonderful book reviews at Les Reveries de Rowena 1001 .

I chose to start this list of books to read, rather than just the lists of  books I’ve previously done, as a way of dealing with my depression and anxiety . It is about recognising my  accomplishments, rather than struggling with the list of things I can’t do.

So here is this list of books I want to read. It’s only in the 900s as I do not want it to be a static. I’ve added a few men here and there. Mostly it is a work in progress, like me.

The majority of these books on this come from Rowena Monde (@RowenaMonde), Claire Heuchan (@ClaireShrugged), Sunny Singh (@sunnysingh_n6) and the women of the Mumsnet Feminist board; as well as Elif Shafak’s Black Milk: On Motherhood and Writing, Lucy Mangan’s Bookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading, and Laura Freeman’s The Reading Cure: How Books Restored my Appetite.



 Books from Les Reveries de Rowena 

  1. Margaret Drabble’s The Red Queen
  2. Rose Tremain’s The Colour
  3. Sarah Waters’ Fingersmith
  4. L. Kennedy’s Everything You Need
  5. Sarah Waters’ Tipping the Velvet
  6. Annie Proulx’s The Shipping News
  7. Carol Shields’ The Stone Diaries
  8. Margaret Atwood’s The Robber Bride
  9. Donna Tartt’s The Secret History
  10. Alice Walker’s Possessing the Secret of Joy
  11. Marina Warner’s Indigo
  12. Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body
  13. Toni Morrison’s Jazz
  14. Joyce Carol Oates’s Black Water
  15. Esther Freud’s Hideous Kinky
  16. Angela Carter’s Wise Children
  17. S. Byatt’s Possession
  18. Jeanette Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry
  19. Alice Walker’s The Temple of My Familiar
  20. Janice Galloway’s The Trick is to Keep Breathing
  21. Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate
  22. Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye
  23. Margaret Drabble’s The Radiant Way
  24. Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion
  25. Ngugi Wa Thiong’o Matigari
  26. Joyce Carol Oates’ Marya
  27. Amy Hempel’s Reasons to Live
  28. Marguerite Duras’ The Lover
  29. Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus
  30. Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  31. Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts in High School
  32. Doris Lessing’s The Diary of Jane Somers
  33. Nadine Gordimer’s July’s People
  34. Doris Lessing’s Shikasta
  35. Nadine Gordimer’s Burger’s Daughter
  36. Iris Murdoch’s The Sea, The Sea
  37. Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve
  38. Ngugi Wa Thiong’o Petals of Blood
  39. Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon
  40. Clarice Lispector’s The Hour of the Star
  41. Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire
  42. Graham Greene’s The Honorary Consul
  43. Iris Murdoch’s The Black Prince
  44. Tove Jansson’s The Summer Book
  45. Muriel Spark’s The Driver’s Seat
  46. Joyce Carol Oates’ Them
  47. Elizabeth Bowen’s Eva Trout
  48. Christa Wolf’s The Quest for Christa T.
  49. Rebecca West’s The Birds Fall Down
  50. Marguerite Duras’ The Vice-Consul
  51. Edna O’Brien’s August is a Wicked Month
  52. Clarice Lispector’s The Passion According to G.H.
  53. Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God
  54. Marguerite Duras’ The Ravishing of Lol V. Stein
  55. Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook
  56. Edna O’Brien’s Girl With Green Eyes
  57. Iris Murdoch’s A Severed Head
  58. Edna O’Brien’s The Country Girls
  59. Eilís Dillon’s The Bitter Glass
  60. Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
  61. James Baldwin’s If Beale street could talk
  62. Marguerite Yourcenar’s Memoirs of Hadrian
  63. VG Lee’s oh you pretty thing
  64. Doris Lessing’s The Grass is Singing
  65. Louisa May Alcott’s The Inheritance
  66. Elizabeth Bowen’s The Heat of the Day
  67. Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited
  68. Anna Seghers’ Transit
  69. Candice Carty-Williams’ Queenie
  70. Christina Dalcher’s VOX
  71. Jean Rhys’ Good Morning, Midnight
  72. Sylvie Townsend Warner’s After the Death of Don Juan
  73. Winifred Watson’s Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
  74. Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca
  75. Isak Dineson’s Out of Africa
  76. Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Summer Will Show
  77. Rebecca West’s The Thinking Reed
  78. Halldór Laxness’ Independent People
  79. Elizabeth Bowen’s To the North
  80. Virginia Woolf’s The Waves
  81. Virginia Woolf’s The Years
  82. Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts
  83. Virginia Woolf’s Orlando
  84. Virginia Woolf’s Night and Day
  85. Virginia Woolf’s The Voyage Out
  86. Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room
  87. Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse
  88. Elizabeth Bowen’s The Last September
  89. Carson McCullers’ The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
  90. Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop
  91. Nella Larsen’s Quicksand
  92. Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans
  93. Willa Cather’s The Professor’s House
  94. May Sinclair’s Life and Death of Harriett Frean
  95. Rebecca West’s The Return of the Soldier
  96. Rebecca West’s Harriet Hume
  97. Edith Wharton’s Summer
  98. Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence
  99. Edith Wharton’s The Glimpses of the Moon
  100. Edith Wharton’s Bunner Sisters
  101. Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome
  102. Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth
  103. Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s Rashomon
  104. Natsume Soseki’s Kokoro
  105. Gertrude Stein’s Three Lives
  106. Kate Chopin’s The Awakening
  107. Selma Lagerlöf’s Gösta Berling’s Saga
  108. George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda
  109. George Eliot’s Middlemarch
  110. George Eliot’s Adam Bede
  111. Nicolai Leskov’s The Enchanted Wanderer
  112. Anne Brontë’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
  113. Anne Brontë’s Agnes Grey
  114. Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
  115. Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre
  116. Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte-Cristo
  117. Jane Austen’s Persuasion
  118. Maria Edgeworth’s Ormond
  119. Maria Edgeworth’s The Absentee
  120. Maria Edgeworth’s Castle Rackrent
  121. Fanny Burney’s Camilla
  122. Fanny Burney’s Cecilia
  123. Fanny Burney’s Evelina
  124. Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho
  125. Olaudah Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative
  126. Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko
  127. The Princess of Clèves – Marie-Madelaine Pioche de Lavergne, Comtesse de La Fayett



  1. Diane Setterfield’s Once Upon a River
  2. Esi Edugyan’s Washington Black
  3. Anita Diamants The Red Tent
  4. Stacey Hall’s The Familiars
  5. Kate Morton’s The Forgotten Garden
  6. Rachel Kadish’s The Weight of Ink
  7. Carolyn Kirby’s The Conviction of Cora Burns
  8. Kiran M Hargrave’s The Deathless Girls
  9. Akwaeke Emezi’s Freshwater
  10. Ntozake Shange’s Sassafrass, Cypress, and Indigo
  11. Sara Collins’ The Confessions of Frannie Langton
  12. Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief
  13. Uzma Aslan Khan’s The Miraculous True History of Nomi Ali
  14. Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi’s Kintu
  15. Chigozi Obioma’s The Fishermen
  16. Amos Tutuola’s The Palm-Wine Drinkard
  17. Xiaolu Guo’s A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers
  18. Latifa al-Zayyat’s The Open Door
  19. Yesika Salgado’s Hermosa
  20. Collette’s Cheri
  21. Pat Barker’s Another World
  22. Pat Barker’s Regeneration
  23. Pat Barker’s The Eye in the Door
  24. Pat Barker’s The Ghost Road
  25. Phaedra Patrick’s The Library of Lost and Found
  26. Sarah Schulman’s People in Trouble
  27. Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Gods of Jade and Shadow
  28. Margaret Walker’s Jubilee
  29. Bernardine Evaristo’s Girl, Women, Other
  30. Harruna Attah Ayesha’s The Hundred Wells of Salago
  31. Yashpal’s This is not that Dawn: Jhootha Sach
  32. Bridget Collins’ The Binding
  33. Susan Choi’s American Woman
  34. Yasmin Rahman’s All the things we never said
  35. Jeanette Winterson’s Weight
  36. Emily Wilson’s Homer’s The Odyssey
  37. Sarah Schulman’s The Sophie Horowitz Story
  38. Jamaica Kincaid’s Annie John
  39. Natalie Haynes’ A Thousand Ships
  40. Natalie Haynes’ The Children of Jocasta
  41. Doris Lessing’ The Golden Notebook
  42. Marjane Satrapi’s Embroderies
  43. Yrsa Daley-Ward’s The Terrible
  44. Miles Frankin’ My Brilliant Career
  45. Anita Desai’s Fasting, Feasting
  46. Leila Aboulela’s Elsewhere, Home
  47. Jackie Kay’s Trumpet
  48. Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses
  49. Malorie Blackman’s Knife Edge
  50. Malorie Blackman’s Checkmate
  51. Malorie Blackman’s Double Cross
  52. Malorie Blackman’s Nought for Ever
  53. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Toms Cabin
  54. Rachel Plummer’s Wain: LGBT reimagings of Scottish folk tales
  55. Eudora Welty’s The Collected Short Stories
  56. Marge Piercy’ Women on the Edge of Time
  57. Emile Zola’s Germinal
  58. Marge Piercy’s City of Darkness, City of Light
  59. Renee Watson’s Some Places More Than Others
  60. Maaza Mengiste’s The Shadow King
  61. Joan Didion’s Slouching towards Bethlehem
  62. Ngugi wa Thiong’o Petals of Blood
  63. Tsao Hsuen-Chin’s Death of the Red Chamber
  64. Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
  65. Elif Shafak’s Three Daughters of Eve
  66. Sarah Shun-lien Byun’s The Hempel Chronicles
  67. Lorrie Moore’s Birds of America
  68. Alice Munro’s Selected Stories
  69. Amy Hempel’s Collected Stories
  70. Sevgi Soysal’s Noontime in Yeniseher
  71. Clarice Lispector’s The Hour of the Star
  72. Margaret Drabbles’s The Millstone
  73. Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends
  74. Naomi Alderman’s Disobedience
  75. Muriel Spark’s Aiding and Abetting
  76. Susan Choi’s Trust Exercise
  77. Pat Barker’s The Silence of the Girls
  78. Muriel Spark’s The Ballad of Peckham Rye
  79. Anna Burns’ Milkman
  80. Emma Dibdin’s Through his eyes
  81. Olumide Papoola’s When We Speak of Nothing
  82. Anita Shreve’s Fortune’s Rock
  83. L Travers’ Mary Poppins
  84. Le Guin’s Lavinia
  85. Madeleine L’Engle’s Wind in the door
  86. Madeleine L’Engle’s Swiftly tilting planet
  87. Madeleine L’Engle’s many waters
  88. Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes
  89. Sahar Delijani’s Children of the Jacaranda Tree
  90. Sarah J. Harris’ The Colour of Bree Larkin’s Murder
  91. Mary Elisabeth Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret
  92. Ann Radcliffs The Italian
  93. Myra Duffy’s Endgame at Port Ballantyne
  94. Elizabeth von Arnim’s Vera
  95. Sayaka Murata’s Convenience Store Woman
  96. Philippa Gregory’s The Virgins Lover
  97. Susan Madison’s The Colour of Hope
  98. Sara Collins’ The Confessions of Frannie Langton
  99. Anissa Gray’s The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls
  100. Tayari Jones’ Silver Sparrow
  101. Nicola Yoon’s The Sun is also a star
  102. Madeleine St John’s The Essence of The Thing
  103. Eleanor Moran’s The Last Time I Saw You
  104. Geraldine Brooks’ March
  105. Minette Walter’s Fox Evil
  106. Jasmine Guillory’s The Wedding Date
  107. Minette Walters’ Disorded Minds
  108. Bharati Mukherjee’s Jasmine
  109. Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Book of Not: Stopping the Time
  110. Mariama Ba’s So Long A Letter
  111. Julia Alvarez’s Saving the World
  112. Shea Ernshaw’s The Wicked Deep
  113. Jess Richards’ Snake Ropes
  114. Margaret Atwood’s Lady Oracle
  115. Sara Paretsky’s Bleeding Kansas
  116. Jennifer Egan‘s The Invisible Circus
  117. Jennifer Egan’s Look at Me
  118. Anzia Yezierska Hungry Hearts,
  119. Jeannette Walls’ Half Broke Horses
  120. Susan Fletcher’s Eva Green
  121. Eudora Welty’s The Optimist’s Daughter
  122. Fay Weldon’s Remember Me
  123. L. Kennedy’s Now that you’re back
  124. Kyung-Sook Shin’s Please look after my mother
  125. Natalie Fergie’s The Sewing Machine
  126. Tayari Jones’ An American Marriage
  127. Nell Dunn’s Up the Junction
  128. Vita Sackville West’s All Passion Spent
  129. Lucinda Riley’s Hothouse Flower
  130. Kathy Reich’s Bones of the Lost
  131. Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing
  132. Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer
  133. Clare Clark’s Beautiful Lies
  134. Susanna Daniel’s Sea Creatures
  135. Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book
  136. Muriel Spark’s Robinson
  137. Muriel Spark’s The Comforters
  138. Willa Cather’s My Antonia
  139. Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus
  140. Nancy Mitford’s Christmas Pudding
  141. Sally Gardiner’s I, Coriander
  142. Ma Jian’s Beijing Coma
  143. Elizabeth’s Gilbert
  144. Jennifer Egan’s Emerald City and Other Stories
  145. Allie Rogers’ Little Gold
  146. Carol Shield’s Unless
  147. Frances De Pontes Peebles’ The Seamstress
  148. Kate Lord Brown’s The Perfume Garden
  149. Tracy Chevalier’s At the edge of the orchard
  150. Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries
  151. Sadie Jones’ The Outcast
  152. Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur
  153. Kate Furnivall’s The Russian Concubine
  154. Ursula Le Guin’s The Left hand of darkness
  155. Sarah Hartley’s Mrs P’s Journey
  156. Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Confusion
  157. Toni Morrison’s Sula
  158. Scarlett Thomas’ Pop Co.
  159. Elizabeth Laird’s Kiss The Dust
  160. Ruth Rendell’s End in Tears
  161. Barbara Erskine’s Sleeper’s Castle
  162. Lois Lowry’s Gathering Blue
  163. Lois Lowry’s The Giver
  164. Nnedi Okarafor’s Lagoon
  165. Michelle Tea’s Black Wave
  166. Edna O’Brien’s A Fanatic Heart
  167. Camila Lackberg’s The Hidden Child
  168. Ursula Le Guin’s The Earth Sea Quartet
  169. Sue Grafton’s U is for Undertow
  170. Sarah Dunant’s Sacred Heart
  171. Carola Dunn’s Gone West
  172. Jeanette Winterson’s The Power Book
  173. Margaret Drabble’s The Dark Flood Rises
  174. Frances Fyfield’s Cold to the touch
  175. Ngaio Marsh & Stella Duffy’s Money in the Morgue
  176. Ethel Lilian Voynich’s The Gadfly
  177. Madeleine Bourdouxhe’s Marie
  178. Miles Franklin’s My Brilliant Career
  179. Sigrid Undset’s Kristin Lavransdatter: The Wreath
  180. Baroness Orczy’s The Scarlet Pimpernel
  181. Daisy Johnson’s Everything Under
  182. Rachel Kushner’s The Mars Room
  183. Minette Walters’ The Shape of Snakes
  184. Muriel Spark’s The Takeover
  185. Muriel Spark’s The Hothouse by the East River
  186. Muriel Spark’s The Bachelors
  187. Muriel Spark’s The Public Image
  188. Muriel Spark’s The Finishing School
  189. Muriel Spark’s The Only Problem
  190. Muriel Spark’s Symsposium
  191. Angie Thomas’ On the Come Up
  192. Helen Oyeyemi’s Gingerbread
  193. Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
  194. Oyinkan Braithwaite’s My Sister, The Serial Killer
  195. Laura Lippman’s Sunburn
  196. Carol Shield’s Mary Swann
  197. Kirsty Logan’s The Gloaming
  198. Sabina Khan’s The Love & Lies of Rukshana Ali
  199. Chloe Caldwell’s Women
  200. Sarah Water’s Afinitty
  201. Amy Tan’s Saving Fish From Drowning
  202. Amy Tan’s The Hundred Secret Senses
  203. Ruth Jacob’s Soul Destruction
  204. Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn’s Patsy
  205. Kate Morton’s The House at Riverton
  206. Banana Yoshimoto’s The Book of Tokyo
  207. James Baldwin’s Another Country
  208. Ali Smith’s Winter
  209. Ayesha Harruna Attah’s The Hundred Wells of Salaga
  210. Jacqueline Woodson’s Another Brooklyn
  211. Leone Ross’ Come let us sing anyway
  212. Janice Galloway’s Jellyfish
  213. Sarah Moss’ Ghost Wall
  214. Lydia Davis’ Collected Stories
  215. Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye
  216. Jane Rosen’s Nine Women, One Dress
  217. Penelope Lively’s the photograph
  218. Uzma Jalaluddin’s Ayesha at Last
  219. Alice Hoffman’s The Dovekeepers
  220. Shobha Rao’s Girl burn brighter
  221. Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko
  222. Murasaki Shikibu’s The Tale of Genji
  223. Willa Cather’s Death comes for the archibishop
  224. Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood
  225. Elizabeth Bowen’s the death of the heart
  226. Carson McCullers’ The Heart is a lonely hunter
  227. Betty Smith’s A tree grows in Brooklyn
  228. Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House
  229. Margaret Walker’s Jubilee
  230. Didion’s Play it as it lays
  231. Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying
  232. Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
  233. Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior
  234. Meera Syal’s Life isn’t all that ha ha ha hee
  235. Yvonne Battle-Felton’s Remembered
  236. Judith Guest’s Ordinary People
  237. Leslie Marmon’s Ceremony
  238. Nafissa Thompson-Spires’ Heads of the Heads of Coloured People
  239. Aisha Saeed’s Amal Unbound
  240. Joy Kogawa’s Obasan
  241. Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street
  242. Bharati Mukherjee’s The Middleman and other Stories
  243. Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy
  244. Annie Proulx’s The Shipping New
  245. Mary Karr’s the liars club
  246. Joyce Carol Oates’ a garden of earthly delights
  247. Lorrie Moore’s Birds of America
  248. Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto
  249. Edwidge Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory
  250. Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine
  251. Zoe Heller’s Notes on a scandal
  252. Isabel Miller’s Patience and Sarah
  253. Shirley Hazzard’s The great fire
  254. Karen Russell’s Swamplandia
  255. Kate Zambreno’s Heroines
  256. Eleanor Catton’s The Luminiaries
  257. Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood
  258. Joan Didion’s the year of magical thinking
  259. Valeria Luiselli’s Faces in the Crowd
  260. Harriet Lane’s Alys, Always
  261. Terry Pratchet’s Equal Rites
  262. Terry Pratchet’s Wyrd Sisters
  263. Terry Pratchet’s Witches Abroad
  264. Gabby Rivera’s Juliet takes a breath
  265. Nicole Dennis-Benn’s Here comes the sun
  266. Zadie Smith’s Grand Union
  267. Barbara Pym’s Excellent Women
  268. Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories
  269. Maika Moulite’s Dear Haiti, Love Alaine
  270. Elif Shafak’s 10 minutes, 38 seconds in This Strange World
  271. Jeanette Winterson’s Frankisstein: A Love Story
  272. Elizabeth Taylor’s Mrs Palfrey at The Clairmont
  273. Anne McCaffrey’s The Crystal Singer
  274. Elaine Dundy’s The Dud Avocado
  275. Rosamond Lehman’s The Weather in the Streets
  276. Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle
  277. Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones
  278. George Sands’ Indiana
  279. Bernice McFadden’s Sugar
  280. Danzy Senna’s Caucasia
  281. Lalita Tademy’s Cane River
  282. Toni Cade Bambara’s The Salt Eaters
  283. Delon Perkins-Valdez’ Wench
  284. Edith Patou’s East
  285. Theresa Breslin’s Saskia’s Journey
  286. Ami McKay’s the birth house
  287. Octavia Butler’s Wild Seed
  288. Louisa May Alcott’s A Long Fatal Love Chase
  289. Padma Viswanathan’s The Toss of Lemons
  290. Anosh Irani’s The Song of Kahunsha
  291. Sunny Singh’s With Krishna’s Eyes
  292. Suny Singh’s Nani’s book of suicides
  293. Kalisha Buckhanon’s Speaking of Summer
  294. Elizabeth Acevedo’s Fire on high
  295. Paule Marshell’s Brown Girl, Brownstone
  296. Wayetu Moore’s She Would be King
  297. Kei Miller’s The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion
  298. Tennesse William’s A Streetcar named Desire
  299. Elizabeth Acevedo’s The Poet X
  300. Elizabeth Gaskell’s A Dark Nights Work
  301. Elizabeth Gaskell’s An Accursed Race
  302. Elizabeth Gaskell’s The Half-brother
  303. Elizabeth Gaskell’s The Moorland Cottage
  304. Elisa Lorello’s Ordinary World
  305. Zelda Fitzgerald’s The Collected Writings
  306. Rumer Godden’s The Lady and the Unicorn
  307. Margaret Wilkerson Sexton’s The Revisioners
  308. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Oleander Girl
  309. Chigozie Obioma’s An Orchestra of Minorities
  310. Pearl S Buck’s The Good Earth
  311. Yuko Tsushima’s Child of Fortune
  312. Alexandra Kollontai’s Red Love
  313. Chitra Divakaruni’s One Amazing Thing
  314. Dorothy Koomson’s Before The Rose Petal Beach
  315. Dorothy Koomson’s The Rose Petal Beach
  316. Min Jin Lee’s The Best Girls
  317. Muriel Spark’s Loitering with Intent
  318. Muriel Spark’s Territorial Rights
  319. Muriel Spark’s Not to disturb
  320. Ibi Zobi’s Pride
  321. Tendai Huchu’s The Hairdresser of Harare
  322. M Montgomery’s Rilla of Ingleside
  323. M Montgomery’s Rainbow Valley
  324. M Montgomery’s Chronicles of Avonlea
  325. M. Montgomery’s Further Chronicles of Avonlea
  326. M. Montgomery’s Mistress Pat
  327. Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments
  328. Samata Schwebin’s Fever Dream 
  329. Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s The Mercies


Biography, Autobiography, and Memoirs

  1. T Kira Madden’s Long live the tribe of fatherless girls
  2. Jenny Uglow’s Elizabeth Gaskell
  3. Galawdewos’ The Life and Struggles of Our Mother Walatta Petros: A 17th century of African Biography of an Ethiopian Woman
  4. Rachel Holmes’ Scanty Particulars: the life of Dr. James Barry
  5. Susan Cheever’s Louise May Alcott: a personal biography
  6. Hermione Lee’s Virginia Woolf
  7. Jung Chang’s Empress Dowager IXI
  8. Leslie Pierce’s Empress of the East: How a Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire
  9. Jackie Kay’ Red Dust Road
  10. Michelle Obama’s Becoming
  11. Zeba Talkjani’s My past is a foreign country
  12. Adeline Yen May’s Falling Leaves
  13. Jennine Capo Crucet’s The Whites: Notes from an Unfinished Education
  14. Margaret Forster’s Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  15. Muriel Spark’s The Essence of the Brontes
  16. Porochista Khakpour’s Sick, A Memoir
  17. Kathleen Jones’A Glorious Fame: The life of the Duchess of Newcastle
  18. Isabel Allende’s Paula
  19. Lizzie Ehrenhalt’s Precious and Adored: The Love Letters of Rose Cleveland and Evangeline Simpson Whipple
  20. Nancy Goldstone’s The Rival Queens: Catherine de’Medici, her daughter Marguerite de Valois, and the Betrayal that ignited a Kingdom
  21. Anne Somerset’s Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion
  22. Valerie Grove’s Dear Dodie: The Life and Times of Dodie Smith
  23. Susan Quinn’s Marie Curie: A Life
  24. Issa Rae’s The Misadventures of a Awkward Black Girl
  25. Sarah M. Broom’s The Yellow House
  26. Bassey Ikpi’s I’m telling the truth but I’m lying
  27. Hallie Rubenhold’s The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women killed by Jack the Ripper
  28. Claire Harman’s Fanny Burnley
  29. Koren Zailckas’ Smashed: Growing up a Drunk Girl
  30. Claire Tomalin’s Jane Austen: A Life
  31. Claire O’Callaghan’s Emily Bronte Reappraised
  32. Susan B Anthony’s The Ghost in my Life
  33. Sue Black’s all that remains: a life in death
  34. Susannah Walker’s The Life of Stuff
  35. Marianne Faithfull’ memories, dreams and reflections
  36. Kate’ Adie’s Corsets to Camouflage
  37. Dian Fossey’s Gorillas in the Mist
  38. Kiranjit Ahluwalia & Rahila Gupta’s Provoked: The Story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia
  39. Chanel Miller’s Know my Name
  40. Rebecca Walker’s Black, White, and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self
  41. Julia Vicker’s Lou Von Salome: A Biography of a Woman Who Inspired Freud, Nietzsche, and Rilke
  42. Claire Tomalin’s A Life of my Own
  43. Claire Tomalin’s Mrs Jordan’s Professon: The Story of a Great Actress and a Future King
  44. Claire Tomalin’s Katherine Mansfield’s A Secret Life
  45. Claire Tomalin’s The Invisible Woman: the story of Nellly Ternan and Charles Dickens
  46. Marianne Elliott’s Heartlands’s A Memoir of the White City Housing Estate in Belfast
  47. Keise Laymon’s Heavy: An American Memoir
  48. Nancy Mitford’s Zelda: A Biography
  49. Sarah Bradford’s Lucrezia Borgia’s Life, Love and Death in Renaissance Italy
  50. Carolyn Heilbrun’s The Education of a Woman: the Life and Times of Gloria Steinem
  51. Tatjana Soli’s the forgetting tree
  52. Lindy Grant’s Blanche of Castile, Queen of France
  53. Kate Milletts’s Flying
  54. Diana Athill’s Life Class
  55. Loung Ung’s First they killed my father
  56. Anne Moody’s Coming of age in Mississippi
  57. Lindsey Hilsum’s In Extremis: the life of war correspondent Marie Colvin
  58. Pauli Murray’s Song in a weary throat: memoir of an American pilgrimage
  59. Zing Tseng’s Forgotten Women: The Writers
  60. Hedy Lamarr’s Ecstasy and Me: My Life as a Woman
  61. Sherry Jones’ Josephine Baker’s last dance
  62. Laura Thompson’s The Last Landlady
  63. Tara Westover’s Educated
  64. Lorna Gibb’s West’s World: The extrordinary life of Dame Rebecca West
  65. Nicole Chung’s All you can ever know
  66. Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich’s The fact of a body
  67. Mary Karr’s The Liars Club: A Memoir
  68. Lucy Grealy’s Autobiography of a Face
  69. Angela Steidele’s Gentleman Jack: A biography of Anne Lister
  70. Virginia Woolf’s A Writer’s Diary
  71. Loraine Fletcher’s Charlotte Smith: a Critical Biography
  72. Paula Byrne’s The Real Jane Austen
  73. Paula Byrne’s Belle: The true story of Dido Bekks
  74. Shelley DeWees’ Not just Jane: Rediscovering 7 amazing women writers who transformed British Literature
  75. Miranda Seymour’s In Byron’s Wake
  76. Alice Kessler-Harris’ A difficult woman: the challenging life and times of Lillian Hellman
  77. Alice Walker’s We are the ones we have been waiting for
  78. Bryher’s The heart to Artemis: a Writer’s Memoir
  79. bell hooks’ Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood
  80. Valerie Boyd’s Wrapped in Rainbows: A Biography of Zora Neale Hurston
  81. Asha Bandele’s The Prisoner’s Wife: A Memoir
  82. Asha Bandele’s Something like Beautiful
  83. Paula Giddings: A Sword Among Lions: Ida B. Wells and the Campaign against Lynching
  84. Kathleen Jones’ Margaret Forster: a life in books
  85. Caitlin Davies: Place of Reeds
  86. Nicola Tallis’ Crown of Blood: The deadly inheritance of Lady Jane Grey
  87. Nellie Campobello’s Cartucho and my mother’s hands
  88. Stacy Schiff’s Vera: Mrs Nabokov
  89. Brenda Maddox’s Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA
  90. Joy Harjo’s Crazy Brave: A Memoir
  91. Deborah Levy’s The cost of living (Living Autobiography)
  92. Michele Roberts’ Paper Houses
  93. Gerda Lerner’s Fireweed: A political Autobiography
  94. Amy Licence’s Red Roses: Blanche of Gaunt to Margaret Beaufort
  95. Sarah Gristwood’s Blood Sisters: The Women Behind The War of The Roses
  96. Sarah Gristwood’s Game of Queens: The Women Who Made the 16th Century Europe
  97. Sarah Gristwood’s Vita & Virginia: A Double Life
  98. Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge
  99. Hayden Herrera’s Frida
  100. Chris Kraus’ After Kathy Acker
  101. Hannah Pool’s My Father’s Daughter
  102. Barbara Taylor’s The last Asylum: Memoirs of Madness in our Times
  103. Julia Fox’s Jane Boleyn: The Infamous Lady Rochford
  104. Maria Dzielsa’s Hypatia of Alexandria
  105. Jean Strouse’s Alice James: A Biography
  106. Clara Zetkin’s Selected Writings
  107. Mieka Bal’s The Artemisia Files
  108. Patricia Pierce’s Jurassic Mary: Mary Anning and The Primeval Monsters
  109. Krystal Sital’s Secrets We Kept: Three Women of Trinidad
  110. Louse Meriweather’s Daddy was a Number Runner
  111. Angela Davis: An Autobiography
  112. Gal-dem: “I will not be erased”: Our Stories Growing up as People of Colour
  113. Clover Stroud’s The wild other: A Memoir of Love, Adventure and How to be Brave
  114. Carolyn Steedman’s Landscape for a Good Woman
  115. Gitta Sereny’s The case of Mary Bell: A Portrait of a Child Who Murdered
  116. Susan Aberth’s Leonara Carrington
  117. Ling Ding’s I myself am a woman
  118. Angela Jackson’s A surprised Queenhood in the New Black Sun: The Life and Legacy of Gwendolyn Brooks
  119. Sarah Perry’s After the Eclipse: A Mother’s Murder, A Daughter’s search
  120. Emmaline Pankhurst’s Suffragette: My Own Story
  121. Diana Souhami’s Gluck: Her Biography
  122. Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ When They Call You a Terrorist
  123. Evelyn White’s Alice Walker: A Life
  124. Juliet Barker’s The Brontes: A Life in Letters
  125. Samantha Ellis’ Take Courage: Anne Bronte and The Art of Life
  126. Samantha Ellis’ How to be a heroine: Or, what I’ve learned from reading too much
  127. Maegan Parker Brooks’ A voice that could stir an army: Fannie Lou Hamer and The Rhetoric of the Black freedom Movement
  128. Rosalind Rosenberg’s Jane Crow: The Life of Pauli Murray
  129. Jeanne Theoharis’s Want to start a revolution? Radical women in the Black Freedom Struggle
  130. Coretta Scott King’s My Life, My love, My Legacy
  131. Nancy Campbell’s Annie Pootoogook: Cutting Ice
  132. Audre Lorde’s Sister Love: The Letters of Audre Lorde and Pat Parker
  133. Terese Marie Mailhot’s Heart Berries: A Memoir
  134. Gillian Slovo’s Every Secret Thing: My Family, My Country
  135. Janet Todd’s Aphra Behn: A Secret Life
  136. Franchesca Ramsey’s Well, That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist
  137. Mary Taylor’s Miss Miles: A Tale of a Yorkshire Life 60 years ago
  138. Anne Lister’s Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister
  139. Xiaolu Guo’s Once Upon a Time in the East: A Story of Growing Up
  140. Alexis De Veaux’ Warrior Poet: A Biography of Audre Lorde
  141. Wangari Maathai’s Unbowed: My Autobiography
  142. Barbara Ransby’s Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement
  143. Angela Davis’ Blues legacies and Black Feminism
  144. Linda Grant’s When I lived in Modern Times
  145. Geraldine Segal’s My face is Black is true: Callie House and the struggle for ex-slave reparations
  146. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s 491 Days: Prisoner Number 1323/69
  147. Maria Tippett’s Emily Carr
  148. Lyudmila Pavlichenko’s Lady Death: The Memoirs of Stalin’s Sniper
  149. Mary Prince’s The History of Mary Prince
  150. Mary Gordon’s The Shadow Man: a Daughter’s Search For Her Father
  151. Mary Seacole’s Wonderful adventures of Mary Seacole In Many Lands
  152. Zora Neale Hurston’s Dust Tracks on a road: An Autobiography
  153. Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts in High School
  154. Eudora Welty’s One writer’s beginnings
  155. Kay Mill’s This Little Light of Mine: The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer
  156. Anna Hudson’s Tunirrusingit: Kenojuak and Tim Pitsiulak
  157. Cathy Rentzenbrink: The last act of love: the story of my brother and his sister
  158. Isabel Allende’s Paula: A Memoir
  159. Lorna Sage’s Bad blood: A Memoir
  160. Alex Wagner’s Futureface: A Family Mystery, An Epic Quest, and The Secret to Belonging
  161. Carole Boyce Davies’ Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones
  162. Kathleen Jones’ The Passionate Sisterhood: The Sisters, Wives, and Daughters of the Lake Poets
  163. Agnes Husslein-Arco, Jane Kallir, & Alfred Weidinger’s The Women of Klimt, Schiele and Kokoschka
  164. Fethiye Cetin’s My Grandmother: An Armenian Turkish Memoir
  165. Caroline Fraser’s Prairie Fires: the American dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder
  166. Imani Perry’s Looking for Lorraine: The Radiant and Radical Life of Lorraine Hansberry
  167. Breanne Fahs’ The Defiant Life of The Women Who Wrote SCUM
  168. Sylvia Plath’s The journals of Sylvia Plath
  169. Hibo Wardere’ Cut: One Woman’s Fight against FGM in Britain today
  170. Lucasta Miller’s The Bronte Myth
  171. Lucasta Miller’s The Lost Life and Scandalous Death of Letitia Elizabeth Landon
  172. Ruth Franklin’s Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted lLife
  173. Virginia Woolf’s On Being Ill: With Notes From Sick Rooms
  174. Maxine Hong Kingston’s I love a broad margin to life
  175. Maggie Nelson’s Jane: A Murder
  176. Sisonke Msimang’s Always Another Country
  177. Marianne Elliott’s Hearthlands: A Memoir of The White City Housing Estate
  178. Jenifer Lewis’ The mother of Black Hollywood; A Memoir
  179. Beverly Bond’s Black Girls Rock: Owning Our Magic, Rocking Our Truth
  180. Nitasha Tamar Sharma et al: Hip Hop Desis: South Asian Americans, Blackness and A Global Race Consciousness
  181. Cathy Cohen’s The Boundaries of Blackness: AIDS and the Breakdown of Black Politics
  182. Ashley Farmer’s Remaking Black Power: How Black Women Transformed an Era
  183. Robyn Spencer’s The Revolution Has Come: Black Power, Gender, and The Black Panther Party in Oakland
  184. Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, et al Go home: 24 journeys form the Asian American Writers Workshop
  185. Patricia William’s Rabbit: The Autobiography of Ms. Pat
  186. Keisha Blain’s Set the World on Fire: Black Nationalist Women and The Global Struggle For Freedom
  187. Scaachi Koul’s One day we’ll all be dead and none of this will matter
  188. Hilton Als’ White Girls
  189. Kara Cooney’s The Woman Who Would be King: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt
  190. Virginia Woolf’s The Art of Biography: A collection of essays


Racism, Feminism, Womanism,  Politics, and Intersectionality 

  1. Marita Goldman’s Skin Deep: Black Women and White Women Write about Race
  2. Angela Saini’s Superior: The Return of Race Science
  3. Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility: Why its so hard for white people to talk about racism
  4. Akwugo Emejilu’s To Exist is to Resist: Black feminism in Europe
  5. Charleen Carruthers’ Unapologetic: A Back, Queer and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements
  6. Andrea Ritchie’s Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Colour
  7. Toni Morrison’s The Origins of Others
  8. Barbara Smith’s Home Girls: a Black Feminist Anthology
  9. Danielle McGuire’s At the Dark End of The Street: Black Women, Rape and Resistance
  10. Clementine Wamariya’s The girl who smiled beads: a story of war and what comes after
  11. Aileen Moreton-Robinson’s Talking up to The White Woman: Indigenous Women and Feminism
  12. Kehinde Andrews’ Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century
  13. Catrice M. Jackson’s White Spaces Missing Faces: Why Women of Color don’t Trust White People
  14. Tressie McMillan Cottom’s Thick and other essays
  15. Beverley Bryan’s Heart of the Race: Black Women’s Lives in Britain
  16. Veronique Tadjo’s The shadow of Imana
  17. Robyn Maynard’s Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the present
  18. Kendra Allen’s When you learn the alphabet
  19. Carol Anderson’s White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide
  20. Simone Browne’s Dark Matters: on the surveillance of Blackness
  21. Kalwant Bhopal’s Insiders, Outsiders and Others: Gypsies and Identity
  22. Lauren Michele Jackson’s White Negroes: When cornrows were in vogue and other thoughts on cultural appropriation
  23. Abasindi Cooperative & Diana Watt’s Catching Hell and Doing Well: Black women in the UK
  24. June Jordan’s Some of us did not die
  25. Charlene Carruthers’ Unapologetic: A Black, Queer and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements
  26. Nawal El Saadawi’s The Hidden Face of Eve
  27. Mariarosa Dallas Costa & Selma Jones’ The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community
  28. Mariam Khan’s Its not about the Burkha
  29. Sabrina Mahfouz’ the things I would tell you: British Muslim women write
  30. Imani Perry’s Vexy things on gender and liberation
  31. Ifi Amadiume’s male daughters, female husbands: gender and sex in an African society
  32. Maya Goodfellow’s Hostile Environment: How Immigrants become Scapegoats
  33. Sara Ahmed’s On being included: racism and diversity in institutional life
  34. Sara Ahmed’s Living a feminist life
  35. Sara Ahmed’s The Cultural Politics of Emotion
  36. Gloria T. Hill’s But some of us are brave: all the women are white, all the Black are men: Black Women stories
  37. Brittney Cooper’s Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers her Superpower
  38. Brittney Cooper’s Beyond Respectability: The Intellectual Thought of Race Women
  39. Patricia Hill Colllin’s Black Sexual Politics
  40. bell hooks’ Outlaw Culture
  41. Angel Davis’ The Meaning of Freedom: and Other Difficult Dialogues
  42. June Eric-Udorie’s Can we all be femimists? Seventeen writers on Intersectionality
  43. Latina Feminist Group’s Latina Feminist Testimonos
  44. Rudolph Byrd’s I am your sister: collected and unpublished writing of Audre Lorde
  45. Mariam Khan’s Its not about the burqa: Muslim women on faith, feminism, sexuality and race
  46. Margo Jefferson’s On Michael Jackson
  47. Angela Davis’ Women, Culture and Politics
  48. Bushra Rehman et al: Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today’s feminism
  49. Phyll Opoku-Gyimah’s Sista! An anthology of writings by same gender loving women of African/ Caribbean descent in UK
  50. Roxane Gay’s Not that bad: dispatches from rape culture
  51. Beverly Guy-Sheftall’s Words of Fire: an anthology of African-American feminist thought
  52. Glory Edim’s Well-Read Black Girl: Finding our Stories; Discovering Ourselves
  53. Feminista Jones’ Reclaiming our space: how Black feminists are changing the world from tweets to the streets
  54. Kimberle Crenshaw’s On intersectionality: essential writings
  55. Azeenarh Mohammed’s She called me woman: Nigeria’s Queer Women Speak
  56. Beverly Bryan’s Heart of the race: Black women’s lives in Britain
  57. Morgan Jerkins’ This will be my undoing: living at the intersection of Black, female, and feminist in (white) American
  58. Virginia Eubanks’ Aint gonna let nobody tun me around: 40 years of movement building with Barbara Smith
  59. Ula Yvette Taylor’s the promise of patriarchy: women and the nation of Islam
  60. Lydia Liu’s the birth of Chinese feminism
  61. Emma Dabiri’s Don’t Touch my Hair
  62. Charlie Cuff’s Mother Country: Real Stories of the Windrush Children
  63. Lee Maracle’s I am woman: native perspectives of sociology and feminism
  64. Barbara Smith’s The Truth that Never Hurts: Writings on Race, Gender and Freedom


Women’s Health 

  1. Maya Dusenbery’s Doing Harm: The Truth About how bad medicine and lazy science leave Women dismissed, misdiagnosed and sick
  2. Gina Rippon’s The Gendered Brain
  3. Lise Eliot’s Pink Brain, Blue Brain
  4. Bessel van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain and the Body in the Transformation of Trauma.
  5. Giuditta Tornetta’s Conversitions with the Womb
  6. Eleanor Morgan’s Hormonal: A Conservation about women’s bodies, mental health and why we need to be heard
  7. Ask me about me about my uterus: a quest to make doctor’s believe in women’s pain
  8. Renate Klein’s Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation
  9. Phyllis Chesler’s Women and Madness
  10. Michele Moore & Heather Brunskell-Evans’ Transgender Children and Young
  11. Virginia Sole-Smith’s The Eating Instinct: Food Culture, Body Image and Guilt in America
  12. Angela Saini’s Inferior: The true power of women and the science that shows it



  1. Jean Kilbourne’s Deadly Persuasion
  2. Jude Burkhauser’s Glasgow Girls: Women in art and design 1880-1920
  3. Susan Saludi’s Stiffed
  4. Jeanette Winterson’s Courage Calls to Everywhere
  5. Arundhati Roy’s Capitalism: a ghost story
  6. Marion Kaplan’s The Marriage Bargain
  7. Jo Doezema’s Sex Slaves and Discourse Masters
  8. Dionne Brand’s A map to the door of no return: notes on belonging
  9. Rebecca Traister’ All the single ladies
  10. Avital Ronell’s Complaint: Grievance among Friends
  11. Svetlana Alexievich’ The Unwomanly Face of War
  12. Lynne Segal’s Straight Sex: The Politics of Pleasure
  13. Shami Chakrabarti’s On Liberty
  14. Carol J. Adams’ The Pornography of Meat
  15. Carol J. Adams’ The Sexual Politics of Meat
  16. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring
  17. Virginia Woolf’s The Collected Essays
  18. Arundhati Roy’s the algebra of infinite justice
  19. Lindy West’s The Witches are Coming
  20. Vandana Shiva’s Soil, Not Oil
  21. Jia Tolentino’s Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion
  22. Rosalind Coward’s Our Treacherous Hearts
  23. Vandana Shiva’s Making Peace with the Earth
  24. Donna Haraway’s Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene
  25. Noreena Hertz’ IOU: The Debt Threat and Why we must defuse it
  26. Nancy Friday’s My Mother; My Self
  27. Cathy O’Neil’s Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy
  28. Rebecca Solnit’s A Field Guide to Getting Lost
  29. Rebecca Solnit’s Whose Story is This?
  30. Lucy Siegel’s To Die For: is fashion wearing out the world
  31. Elizabeth Cline’s Overdressed
  32. Rachel Hewitt’s A Revolution of Feeling: The Decade that Forged the Modern Mind
  33. Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek



  1. Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within
  2. Margaret Atwood’s Negotiating with the Dead
  3. Marguerite Duras’ Writing
  4. Jane Smiley’s 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel
  5. Lilly Dancyger’s Burn it Down: Women Writing about Anger
  6. Virginia Woolf’s Women and Writing
  7. Mary Chapman’s Becoming Sui Sin Far: early fiction, journalism, and travel writing by Edith Maude Eaton
  8. Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird



  1. Stephanie Davies-Arie’s Communicating with Kids
  2. Phyllis Chesler’s Mothers on Trial
  3. Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish’s How to talk so kids will listen



  1. Soraya Chemaly’s Rage Becomes Her
  2. Fiona Vera-Gray’s the right amount of panic: how women trade freedom for safety
  3. Marawa Ibrahim with Sinem Erkas’ The Girl Gyude
  4. Laura Bates’ Girl Up
  5. Sady Doyle’s Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers
  6. Laura Bates’ Misogyny
  7. Carolyn Cocca’s Superwomen: Gender, Power and Representation
  8. Natalie Collins’ Out of control: couples, conflict and the capacity for change
  9. Adrienne Rich’s Of Woman Born
  10. Marguerite Waller & Jennifer Rycenga’s Frontline Feminisms: Women, War and Resistance
  11. Lorna Finlayson’s An Introduction to Feminism
  12. Shulamith Firestone’s The Dialectic of Sex
  13. Janice Raymond’ A Passion for Friends
  14. Alison Phipp’s The Politics of the Body
  15. Michelene Wandor’s Body Politic: Writing from the women’s liberation movement in Britain
  16. Dale Spender’s Man Made Language
  17. Nell Dunn’s Talking to women
  18. Susan Bordo’s Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture & the Body
  19. Sally Scholz’ Feminism
  20. Cathering Redford’ Reclaiming the F Word
  21. Naomi Wolf’s Vagina
  22. Germaine Greer’s Sex & Destiny: The Politics of Infertitlity
  23. Robin Morgan’s Sisterhood is Powerful
  24. Ann Oakley’s House Wife
  25. Kate Manne’s Down girl: the logic of misogyny
  26. Rebecca Traister’s Good and mad: the revolutionary power of women’s anger
  27. Amina Wadud’s Inside the gender jihad: women’s reform in Islam



  1. Kelcey Wilson-Lee’s Daughters of Chivalry: The Forgotten Children of Edward I
  2. Diane Atkinson’s Rise Up, Women! The remarkable lives of the Suffragettes
  3. Joan Wallach Scott’s Feminism & History
  4. Karen Armstrong’s A Short History of Myth
  5. The Deadly Sisterhood: A Story of Women, Power, and Intrigue in the Italian Renaissance
  6. Antonia Fraser’s The Weaker Vessel: Women’s Lot in Seventeenth-Century England
  7. Priyamavada Gopal’s Insurgent Empire: Anticolonialism and making of British dissent
  8. Saidiya Hartman’s Scenes of Subjection: Terror, Slavery, and Self-Making in Nineteenth Century America
  9. Bonnie Smith’s The Gender of History
  10. Saidiya Hartman’s Lose your Mother: a journey along the atlantic slave route
  11. Judith Jesch’s Women in the Viking Age
  12. Sheila Rowbotham’s Women’s Consciousness, Man’s World
  13. Lynn Abrams & Elizabeth Harvey’s Gender Relations in German History
  14. Mary Beard’s Pompeii: The Life of a Roman Town
  15. Gisela Bock & Susan James’ Beyond Equality & Difference
  16. Gabriele Griffin & Rosi Braidotti’s Thinking Differently: a reader in European women’s studies
  17. The History of Human Rights
  18. L Kaplan’s The Story of Jane: The legendary underground feminist abortion service
  19. Louise Raw’s Striking a light: the Bryant and May matchwomen and their place in history
  20. Jeanne Theoharis’ A more beautiful and terrible history: the uses and misuses of civil rights history



  1. Britteny Black Rose Kapri’s Black Queer Hoe
  2. Jackie Kay’s Darling
  3. Adrienne Rich’s An atlas of the difficult world
  4. Alice Walker’s Taking the arrow out of the heart
  5. Audre Lorde’s The New York Head Shop and Museum
  6. Audre Lorde’s Poetry is not a Luxury
  7. Jacqueline Woodson’s brown girl dreaming
  8. Olivia Gatwood’s The Party
  9. Wilslawa Szymborska’s Poems New and Collected
  10. Mari Evans’ I am a Black Woman
  11. Naomi Shihab Nye’s Tender Spot
  12. Dorothy Parker’s The Collected Dorothy Parker
  13. Katherena Vermette’ River Woman
  14. Jason Reynold’s For Everyone
  15. Becky W Thompson’s a hunger so wide


The Penguin Modern

  1. Martin Luther King Jrs’ Letters from Birmingham Jail
  2. Allen Ginsburg’s Television was a baby crawling toward that Death Chamber
  3. Daphne du Maurier’s The Breakthrough
  4. Dorothy Parker’s The Custard Heart
  5. Three Japanese Short Stories
  6. Anais Nin’ The Vieled Woman
  7. George Orwell’s Notes on Nationalism
  8. Getrude Stein’s Food
  9. Stanislaw Lem’s The Three Elecktroknights
  10. Patrick Kavanagh’s The Great Hunger
  11. Danilo Kis’ The Legend of the Sleepers
  12. Ralph Ellison’s The Black Ball
  13. Jean Rhys’ Till September Petronella
  14. Franz Kafka’s Investigations of a Dog
  15. Clarice Lispector’s Daydreams and Drunkeness of a Young Lady
  16. Ryszard Kapuscinki’s An Advertisement for Toothpaste
  17. Albert Camus’ Create Dangerously
  18. John Steinback’s The Vigilante
  19. Fernando Pessoa’s I have more souls than one
  20. Shirley Jackson’s The Missing Girl
  21. Four Russian Short Stories
  22. Italo Calvino’s The Distance of the Move
  23. Audre Lorde’s The Masters’ Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House
  24. Leonora Carrington’s The Skeleton’s Holiday
  25. William S. Burroughs’ The Finger
  26. Samuel Beckett’s The End
  27. Kathy Acker’s New York City in 1979
  28. Chinua Achebe’s Africa’s Tarnished Name
  29. Susan Sontag’s Notes on ‘camp’
  30. John Berger’s The Red Tenda of Bologna
  31. Francoise Sagan’s The Gigolo
  32. Cyprian Ekwensi’s Glittering City
  33. Jack Kerouac’s Piers of the Homeless Night
  34. Hans Fallada’s Why do you wear a cheap watch?
  35. Truman Capote’s The Drunk in his Domain
  36. Saul Bellow’s Leaving the Yellow House
  37. Katherine Anne Porter’s The Cracked Looking Glass
  38. James Baldwin’s Dark Days
  39. George Simenon’s Letter to my Mother
  40. William Carlos Williams’ Death the Barber
  41. Betty Friedan’s The problem that has no name
  42. Frederico Garcia Lorca’s The Dialogue of Two Snails
  43. Yuko Tsushima’s Of Dogs and Walls
  44. Javier Marias’ Madame du Deffand and the Idiots
  45. Carson McCullers’ The Haunted Boy
  46. Jorge Luis Borges’ The Garden of Forking Paths
  47. Andy Warhol’s Fame
  48. Primo Levi’s The Survivor
  49. Vladimir Nabokov’s Lance
  50. Wendell Berry’s Why I am not going to buy a computer


Faber Stories 

  1. Robert Aickman’s The Inner Room
  2. Alan Bennett’s The Shielding of Mrs Forbes
  3. Brian Aldiss’ Three Types of Solitude
  4. Djuna Barnes’ The Lydia Steptoe Stories
  5. Samuel Beckett’s Dante and the Lobster
  6. Petina Gappah’s An Elergy for Easterly
  7. Sarah Hall’s Mrs Fox
  8. Kazuo Ishiguro’s Come Rain or Shine
  9. D James’ The Victim
  10. Thom Jones’ Sony Liston was a friend of mine
  11. Claire Keegan’s The Forester’s Daughter
  12. David Mean’s A River in Egypt
  13. John McGahern’ The Country Funeral
  14. Lorrie Moore’s Terrific Mother
  15. Edna O’Brien’s Paradise
  16. Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find
  17. Julia O’Faolain’s Daughters of Passion
  18. Sylvia Plath’s Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom’
  19. Akhil Sharma’s Cosmopolitan
  20. Barbara Kingsolver’s Homeland
  21. Sally Rooney’s Mr Salary
  22. Akhil Sharma’s Cosmopolitan
  23. Marianne Moore’s Fairy Tales
  24. Anna Burns’ Mostly Hero


Virago Modern Classics

  1. Janet Frame’s Faces in the Water
  2. Patricia Highsmith’s Deep Water
  3. Zora Neale Hurston’s Their eyes were watching God
  4. Rosamond Lehmann’s The Weather in the Streets
  5. Grace Paley’s The Collected Stories
  6. Mary Renault’s Fire from Heaven
  7. Mary Renault’s The Bull from the Sea
  8. Mary Renault’s The King Must Die
  9. Elizabeth Taylor’s A View of the Harbour
  10. Rebecca West’s The Return of the Soldier
  11. Antonia White’s Frost in May
  12. Muriel Sparks’s Memento Mori
  13. Writers as Readers: A Celebration
  14. Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop
  15. Elaine Dundy’s The Dub Avocado
  16. Nora Epheron’s Heartburn


The Virago Designer Collection

  1. Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr Ripley
  2. Elizabeth Taylor’s Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont
  3. Elizabeth Taylor’s A Game of Hide and Seek
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