#DickheadDetox: The Weinstein Years

It’s been a few years since I’ve written a post tracking abusive celebrity men under the tag #DickheadDetox. The origins came from an article by Eva Wiseman in the Guardian about holding violent male celebrities accountable: “It’s to do with my problem giving money to dicks, to people who’ve punched their wives or broken their … Continue reading #DickheadDetox: The Weinstein Years

#DickheadDetox: Clint Eastwood for whitesplaining racism

Clint Eastwood has a very nice spread in Esquire with his son Scott in which he pontificates on being too important to raise his son and claiming that people who call out racism belong to the ‘pussy generation’.       Have to say, I assumed Eastwood was dead what with being rather old. He’s … Continue reading #DickheadDetox: Clint Eastwood for whitesplaining racism

#DickheadDetox: Owen Jones for Whining about not winning feminism

  To be fair, there are lots of reasons why Owen Jones could be nominated for the #DickheadDetox : his recent inability to understand that lesbians are human too followed by his excruciating refusal to recognise that watching pornography at work isn’t acceptable for anyone, including middle aged white dudes – or, that a judge … Continue reading #DickheadDetox: Owen Jones for Whining about not winning feminism

#DickheadDetox: Pharrell Williams for refusing to listen

Because he’s apparently the dude who wrote most of Blurred Lines – a song he’s allowed Robin Thicke to get most of the credit – and backlash for. And, despite hundreds of thousands of women explaining why they found it triggering, he’s decided it’s totes ok because he wrote the song from a “good place”. … Continue reading #DickheadDetox: Pharrell Williams for refusing to listen

#DickheadDetox : The Entire Cast of the Expendables 3

I knew about Mel Gibson’s history of misogyny and racism. Hell, who hasn’t heard the video tape of Gibson shouting racist vitriol at a police officer several years ago.  I had absolutely no idea that most of the male main cast of the Expendables have histories of domestic violence.  – not until I read Kate … Continue reading #DickheadDetox : The Entire Cast of the Expendables 3

#DickheadDetox XVALA for sexual violence

XVALA is apparently an “artist” – in the loosest possible definition of the word who has somehow managed to get himself a show at the Cory Allen Contemporary Art (CACA) in Florida. Personally, I’ve never heard of either of them but that’s because I prefer my artists not to engage in or perpetrate sexual violence. Now, … Continue reading #DickheadDetox XVALA for sexual violence

Ceelo Green: Still Fighting to be #1 on the #DickheadDetox

Ceelo Green’s been on the #DickheadDetox for a while now what with his history of violence against women and inability to take responsibility for his own actions. His latest foray into proving he’s a violent asshole involves the following tweets: I can’t say anything new from what I’ve said before about Green’s perpetuation and perpetration … Continue reading Ceelo Green: Still Fighting to be #1 on the #DickheadDetox

#DickheadDetox: This Dude Just For Existing:

I came across this particularly unpleasant example of a white, privately-educated fucknugget whilst he was making dismissive comments about domestic violence. This dude is precisely why we need real sexual health education in schools, which require mandatory teaching on domestic and sexual violence taught by an appropriately trained individual . Also, his parents should ask … Continue reading #DickheadDetox: This Dude Just For Existing:

#DickheadDetox: Richard Dawkins for Minimising Rape

These are just a few of the tweets written by Richard Dawkins this morning demonstrating further evidence of the fact that he’s a complete fucking dickhead. When he isn’t spouting racist drivel or trying to have himself declared the Messiah of the Atheist movement, Dawkins does an excellent sideshow in misogyny. Anyone who thinks sexual … Continue reading #DickheadDetox: Richard Dawkins for Minimising Rape

#DickheadDetox : The Ricky Gervais Edition

I haven’t written a #DickheadDetox in several months as I’ve just been snowed under with other work. And, there are simply too many dickheads to write about. I was remiss with Ricky Gervais though. He should have made this list years ago. Tonight, he gets to be part of my special list for this tweet: … Continue reading #DickheadDetox : The Ricky Gervais Edition