#DickheadDetox : Charles Saatchi for Minimising Male Violence Against Women

Charles Saatchi’s deliberate physical attack on then wife Nigella Lawson is well-documented. There can be no debate about what happened since Saatchi physically assaulted Lawson in public. At least, one would assume that there could be no debate but, as ever, with male violence, especially that perpetrated by rich white men, the apologists rushed out to defend Saatchi and blame Lawson.

The minimising of Saatchi’s criminal act within the national press resulted in numerous posts on the website for the campaign Ending Victimisation and Blame [Everyday Victim Blaming]. Every single one of these posts is a must read:

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  2. Saatchi: A Forgiving Man?
  3. Saatchi Delivers the Final Slap in the Face to Nigella
  4. Saatchi: It isn’t working
  5. Apparently, Charles Saatchi is just a bore. The Daily Mail’s response to Saatchi’s Violence*
The minimising never stops though. Saatchi received tremendous sympathy in the press when he announced his divorce. The divorce obviously being Lawson’s fault for not announcing her personal responsibility for being a victim of domestic violence. If only she’d publicly defended Saatchi after he assaulted her, then it would all be fine. After all, violence is always the fault of the victim and Saatchi is just a misunderstood poppet.

Saatchi, having clearly explained how physically assaulting Lawson was all her fault as was the divorce, has now taken to threatening Lawson with public humiliation. At least, a “source” is suggesting that Saatchi will be issuing legal writs explaining why Saatchi was totally justified in physically assaulting Lawson.

So, just to be clear, there is no reason that makes a violent physical assault on a woman acceptable. Ever.

Saatchi and his apologists all belong on the #DickheadDetox for victim blaming and eliding responsibility for male violence.

*This piece was written by men but I included it as part of the full response to the minimisation of Saatchi’s violence.

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