#DickheadDetox: Christian Jessen for Spreading Rape Myths.

My personal loathing of reality TV star Dr. Christian Jessen is well-documented. I have no tolerance for men who think it is acceptable to define women’s fuckability nor any medical professional who actually knows nothing about breast feeding who thinks it’s “icky”. Honestly, the man is nothing more than your average dickhead, except he also has a television show in which he gets to deliberately humiliate and denigrate people. Yay Capitalism.

This is what dear ole’ Christian tweeted out today:
Terrible story of cabby accused of rape by female passenger only 2b saved by his recording of journey where nothing of the sort happened.
Why do women do this?! 2 many rape cases ignored, which is terrible, so why try this sort of damaging nonsense on to make it worse? Loons
False accusations of rape are thankfully rare but very damaging to all. It’s interesting how much bias there is in talking about rape…
 female rape is abhorrent but much male rape goes on in prisons and is shrugged off as ‘that’s just what happens’ -equally abhorrent!
Well, isn’t that some lovely “women are all liars” twaddle for a Friday morning.
When are men who insist on pontificating about rape actually going to bother reading some research into false rape accusations. Or, you know, actually engage their brain and think.

Dr. Christian is a misogynist. He won’t bother listening to those pointing out that he is wrong. That is too much like making him take responsibility for his actions.

He is on the #dickheaddetox


This was Dr. Christian’s response to criticism:

become clear that many of most aggressive feminists here have become so blinded by rage they no longer see any other points that their own.
I may need to start a #SuperDickheadDetox just for Christian.


I wrote this piece for Everyday Victim Blaming.


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  1. His response to the mutiny annoyed me too. He can’t really open his mouth without annoying me to be fair. I am resisting the urge to stoop to his level because whilst it’s too easy, it would be unfair on the lovely men out there who are nothing like him.

    Hotel GB nearly had me punching the screen! Him and Kim in competition to be the most offensive!

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