#DickheadDetox : Freddie Starr

Freddie Starr is another one of these dreadful white men that I had never heard of until Operation Yewtree was created in the wake of the allegations of the serial child sexual abuse and rape by Jimmy Savile. So many white men were given access to vulnerable children and allowed to abuse them despite everyone around knowing that the abuse was happening.

Freddie Starr, who is currently on bail for allegations of child sexual abuse, has decided to sue one of the complainants for libel. Apparently, the criminal courts aren’t good enough for rich white men. Nope, they get to sue those who file criminal complaints against them as well. Considering the dreadful state of libel laws in this country and the relative wealth imbalance between Starr and the complainant, all Starr has succeeding in doing is making it more difficult for survivors of child sexual abuse to come forward. 

So, fuck you Freddie Starr for once again proving that the criminal justice system doesn’t give a shit about victims of sexual violence.

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