#DickheadDetox: Owen Jones for Whining about not winning feminism


To be fair, there are lots of reasons why Owen Jones could be nominated for the #DickheadDetox : his recent inability to understand that lesbians are human too followed by his excruciating refusal to recognise that watching pornography at work isn’t acceptable for anyone, including middle aged white dudes – or, that a judge who claims to be so stressed they need to wank at work shouldn’t be a judge. I’ve yet to see A&E staff argue for their right to wank at work due to ‘stress’, but, hey, they usually aren’t middle aged white dudes.

I’ve added Jones for whining about not ‘winning’ feminism in response to challenges from anti-pornography feminists. Cus, there is no evidence of male entitlement in a dude who insists on ‘winning’ an argument with women. None whatsoever.

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Owen Jones is just another misogynistic, left-wing right-on dudebro.

4 thoughts on “#DickheadDetox: Owen Jones for Whining about not winning feminism”

  1. Owen jones, thinks female = inferior = he should win and gets angry when he doesnt. There is start of most dv in a nutshell.

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