#DickheadDetox: Richard Dawkins for Minimising Rape

These are just a few of the tweets written by Richard Dawkins this morning demonstrating further evidence of the fact that he’s a complete fucking dickhead.

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When he isn’t spouting racist drivel or trying to have himself declared the Messiah of the Atheist movement, Dawkins does an excellent sideshow in misogyny. Anyone who thinks sexual violence is an acceptable example of a syllogism is a dickhead. There are a thousand ways Dawkins could have discussed this. He chose rape because he clearly doesn’t give a shit about survivors. The fact that the man who thinks he’s the most intelligent person on the planet is actually too stupid to understand rape myths only adds to the hypocrisy of his post and his defenders.

He needs to learn to shut the fuck up.

3 thoughts on “#DickheadDetox: Richard Dawkins for Minimising Rape”

  1. does he want to discuss logic or rape? because combining the two to make a point about logic actually makes a point about rape apologism. He doesn’t feel the need to even acknowledge that because he is politically illiterate and content to remain so.

  2. I actually agree with him… To say something is worse than something else is not the same as saying the lesser thing is good. I don’t understand the issue with any of the above tweets, but gather from your post that the guy is a general douche bag (I am lucky enough to not know the first thing about the guy) and your main issues is the genre with which he used to make his point? In which case, yes, I agree with you – trivialising rape is abhorrent and if that’s what he’s doing, the guy needs to be strung up by the short and curleys for all to see – then maybe he’d understand a modicum of the shame rape survivors suffer.

    The thing about some rape being worse than other rape though… I know there was a UK politician who recently came under fire for stating that there are different degrees of rape… I’m sorry but it’s true. I was raped as a 14 year old girl by my friend’s step dad. I was raped again at 33 years of age by a stranger at knife-point. The latter was much worse. Neither experience was pleasant and both left me traumatised and suffering PTSD but the latter was worse, much, much worse. Maybe it’s a moot point because all rape survivors deserve understanding, compassion and as much time to heal as they need – often a lifetime – regardless of the “severity” of the abuse they suffered. But for me, the pain of what I went through in November is excruciating. There are days I feel like the suffering alone will end me and I can barely breath. I feel like the whole world needs to stop and take note because of the magnitude of suffering I’m experiencing and I didn’t feel that the first time. The “there, there” and move on approach (especially in England) is soul destroying and crushing my will to fight. I guess what I’m trying to say is that my inner petulant child feels the need to point out that all rape is bad, some rape is worse.

    1. The thing is research suggests that rape committed by someone known to the victim is more likely to cause long-term effects in women like PTSD, so in terms of research acquaintance rape is “worse” than stranger rape.But, actually this research is irrelevant to the experiences of individual women. It doesn’t matter if most women find acquaintance rape worse than stranger rape. Rape and other forms of sexual violence are simply not appropriate tools to start the discussion that Dawkins was making. Rape is, simply, an act of extreme violence. We can discuss “trends” in how women respond to their specific experience but that doesn’t reflect the experience of the individual woman and a man telling women how they should experience rape is inherently misogynistic

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