#DickHeadDetox : Roman Polanski

Dear Roman Polanski,
I understand, via the Guardian, that you are feeling a teeny bit persecuted followed your 2009 arrest in Switzerland. And, also somewhat confused as to why a judge in 1977 chose to overturn your plea agreement.
Allow me to explain this to you in simple terms:
You are a convicted child rapist.
You drugged a child with quaaludes.
You raped and sodomised a child.


Then fled the US to avoid jail.
Because you felt entitled to rape a child.

You are a violent sexual predator who went on to have at least one more “sexual relationship” with a teenage girl.
The fact that you felt more persecuted for an extradition request from the US speaks volumes about your entitlement and violent behaviour.
You deserve to be in prison.
The fact that you aren’t is because men think they have the right to rape whoever they want whenever they want.
Nothing you have done, no film you have made, is worth more than the life of the child you raped.
I’m glad you feel persecuted.
You deserve to be more than “persecuted”.
You deserve to be in prison.
I will personally be hosting a party on the day you die.
Regards, Stewie

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  1. I’m still traumatised that Almodovar signed the horrible “Free Polanski” petition. I’ll see all the Spaniard’s films in a very different light now.

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