#DickheadDetox: Russell Brand Just For Existing

I feel the same way about Russell Brand as I do about Jimmy Carr: both are too intelligent to believe the misogynistic bullshit they spout. They do it because they want to; because they believe that women aren’t really human.

Google the terms “Russell Brand misogyny” and you will see literally thousands of hits detailing the disgusting misogynistic drivel that Brand spouts daily. These are some of the highlights: 

Brand is so dreadful that I can’t bear to actually waste time googling more examples of his behaviour. He is the quintessential right-on Dudebro.
He is a misogynist and he deserves to be on the #DickheadDetox just for existing.

UPDATE: This is a brilliant take down of the Great White Man Syndrome in Salon and another brilliant takedown by Joan Smith

Part 2 of the Russell Brand #DickheadDetox is here.

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