#DickheadDetox : Russell Brand Redux: Because I’m fucked right off.

I know I only added Russell Brand to the #DickheadDetox on Wednesday but I am now officially fucked off by all the nincompoops lining up to suck his cock because Brand can string a sentence together. This is how celebrity obsessed and pathetic our culture has become. 

People are literally lining up to suck Brand’s cock because he claims to support a revolution; whose revolution is entirely open to interpretation since Brand is never going to 1) give up his privileged position or money; 2) recognise that that group called women are human too; and 3) stop sexually harassing women.

He’s just not. It doesn’t matter that he can hold his own with Jeremy Paxman in an interview. Millions of people can do that and no one’s lining up to let them guest edit the New Statesman.

Let’s be perfectly clear here: Brand has said NOTHING which hasn’t said a million times before by Right-On Dudebros. Hell, he hasn’t said anything more interesting that some of the teenage boys hanging about my local park come up with when stoned. 

Russell Brand is an over-paid wanker with too much time on his hands, not enough knowledge of systemic oppression and no interest whatsoever in finding out.  He lack of knowledge of history is astounding for someone babbling on about revolutions; of course, this is because he isn’t ever going to experience the violence and starvation which accompany revolution. As a wealthy white male, he is unlikely to be rape or tortured or martyred to a cause. He’s unlikely to end up trying to make bread out of flour made from tree bark or eat shoe leather pretending it’s meat. 

If we’re going to make comparisons about revolutions: Russell Brand is the Marie Antoinette of the revolution: well-fed and confused as to what poverty actually entails. 

To those who insist that Brand is some kind of Messiah: read a fucking newspaper [and not one Brand has “guest-edited].

#DickheadDetox Part 1 for Brand is here.

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