DickheadDetox : Stan Collymore for whining about being held accountable for DV

Stan Collymore is currently whining on twitter about being held accountable for domestic violence. Apparently, it’s totally unfair for him to held accountable for viciously assaulting then partner Ulrika Johnson when people give Roman Polanski, Charlie Sheen and John Lennon a free pass.

Collymore’s solution? well, it’s clearly not to take personal responsibility for the crime he committed. Instead, he’s gone with calling people hypocrites:


He’s also come up with this genius solution  :

Because no one has ever written about the hypocrisy of our woman-hating culture and it’s complete refusal to take violence against women and children seriously. Or, the fact that our culture thinks male celebrities should be forgiven for any violence they commit if they are “artists”.

We need to hold every single man who commits violence against women and children; not add more men to to the list of those we forgive because they make lots of money. We need to hold white male celebrities accountable for the crimes they commit.

And, honestly, is there nothing more pathetic than a man whining for being held responsible for the consequences of his actions?

Collymore belongs on the #DickheadDetox for both committing VAW and for whinging about it.

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